Mysterious LEGO Pods Falling From Space

Mysterious LEGO pods are appearing around the globe, piloted by minifig pilots that may hold the key to a parallel universe. Only you and The Bradford Rant Institute of Cosmic Kinesis can solve this riddle.

The Brandford Rant Institute of Cosmic Kinesis was founded in 1984 by inter-dimensional theorist Bradford Rant to study the possibility of intersecting alternate universes, and they may have finally hit pay dirt. They've been tracking mysterious LEGO pods that have been falling to Earth from origins unknown, apparently drawn to locations that contain a significant number of LEGO bricks and large amounts of imagination.

The scientists who maintain the Institute have set up a website to track the progress of their discoveries, having already posted a video documenting the discovery of the first pod, found in LEGOLAND Park in Denmark. That discovery only led to more questions. What are the mysterious words on the side of the pod? Why are the pilots so damn cheery? What does it all mean?

The next Pod is somewhere in North America. Can you help them find it?

This is obviously some sort of alternate reality game for some sort of LEGO product, and we've got a hunch that it could be for LEGO Universe, Net Devil's upcoming MMO. When you start talking LEGO and parallel universes, it's the logical conclusion to come to.

Visit the Bradford Rant Institute website yourself to see if you can help solve the mystery of the LEGO pod people.


    I'm guessing that's the alphabet running down the right hand side of the image.

    Love the voyager plate! Even the pose of the figures is the same

    An adult AFOL was the first one to find the pod 2 in Orlando, but it was given to a child and announced ‘because you were the first kid’. The winner wasn’t even in the store, while other AFOL’s were at the landing site and found the pod. LEGO didn't follow their own contest rules, which is wrong.

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