Nero Figure Has A Devil On His Shoulder

This is Yamato's Nero figure, from Devil May Cry 4. He is large, he's so far only slated for a Japanese release, and has a rather childish look of disappointment to him.

Like he asked for an ice cream, and his mother said "no".

Made by Yamato, you can import it when it's released in December for just over $US100.

Devil May Cry 4 Nero (Majin Nero) [Hobby Search, via Tomopop]


    This is the worst DMC 4 statue I have ever seen. And it doesn't help that Nero sucks as a character. This is just crap and any self respecting DMC fan wouldn't be caught dead with this sad sack of plastic that should've been an action figure. Nero sucks, end of argument.

    Shove that statment deep up your ass. and I mean so deep that you can scratch you colon with it. Then pull it out and eat your words.

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