New 360 Wireless Network Adaptor Coming Nov. 26

The Wireless N Network Adaptor for Xbox 360 will be available from November 26, Microsoft announced today.

The new adaptor takes advantage of the 802.11n protocol to deliver, according to Microsoft, up to twice the range and seven times the speed of the older model adaptor. Oh, and as you can see, it's got two antennas!

It will retail for $149.95 RRP, the same price as the older model. No word on whether both adaptors will be sold side-by-side or if the old one will be phased out.

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed the older model adaptor will not be discontinued. They did not comment when asked if the price would stay at $149.95.


    Gah! $150 for a wireless adaptor? It's cheaper to just get another router and plug it in.

      The Value of choice.

    Found one of these for $30 (not the N one) at a Cashies, idiots didn't know what they had.

    Total BS on Microsoft's part.

    Its products like these that are driving PS3 sales up, granted the PS3' wireless capabilities isn't nearly as good as this device.

      How so?

      I would say that while I think the price sucks, if I were inclined to use wifi I'd see upgradeability as an advantage.

    Mehh wireless adaptor, just plug it's not like you are going to go portable with the stupid thing!!

    Would there be any problems in hooking up a Ethernet over Power device with a switch/hub instead to my ADSL router?

    I've got 3 network devices I can plug in in my entertainment unit (xBox, PS3 & TV) but I have a door on either side (it's a 1 bedroom unit) with no access to lay CAT5e/6 cable. I was thinking WDS but it might all get a bit over complicated.

    It would have been nice if the PS3 slim had received an "n" upgrade. Maybe PS3 lite 'n' easy?

    Hopefully the older model might drop to a price that is sane.

    is there any alternative to these that is cheaper?

      Any portable access point can usually be configured in bridge mode and plugged into the 360's ethernet port.

    I thought these were selling for USD$99 in the states? Why do we get such a significant shafteroo? Shipping from across the pacific might end up significantly cheaper.

      And you'd risk a Microsoft product without warranty?

    It's cheaper to buy a 2nd hand netbook off the street and use it as a wireless adaptor.

    Seriously, Microsoft bleeds us fucking DRY with their accessories.

    Wireless adaptor: $149 for Xbox, comes built in on Wii and PS3. Heck, for the price of TWO wireless adaptors, you can buy a whole wii! Am I to assume the wireless protocol in the wii is worth HALF the console?

    Battery Packs: ~$30 each. Granted, the wii is the same, but there are many cheaper 3rd party options available, and with the PS3 this comes built in

    Hard Drives: $120 for 120gig? Seriously, this is the worst part by far. Considering you can get a TERRABYTE of SATA storage for that price on any normal PC, and that the PS3 can use any portable hard drive, this price is despicable. I'd put in the fact that there's no HD on the Wii, but anyone who is a serious gamer that owns a Wii has already hooked theirs up with the no-risk homebrew HD hack

    its cheaper to buy a Krone tool, two wall plates, two ethernet plugs for the plates, a 50 meter cable (cut off the ends, saves buying by the meter, its much cheaper buying a premade cable trust me) and making your own f***ing net connection from your modem... screw that price.

    Total cost of doing that? Around 90 dollars.

    Krone tool: 20 dollars at DSE.
    Cable: 30 dollars at a decent computer shop.
    Wallplate and plugs: 40 dollars

    Plus you won't get the dropout and inconsistent signal that wireless often gives.

    Seriously stop being so dang cheap people. I probably spent more than what these run for at the arcades playing Pac-man back in the 80s but we didn't sit around the arcade crying about how they should lower it to a dime instead of a quarter. Go clip some coupons or something!

      Jesus Americans are wankers...

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