New 360 Wireless Network Adaptor Out; Old One Gets Price Drop

The Wireless N Network Adaptor for the Xbox 360 is on sale now. The old N-less adaptor is now $30 cheaper.

As we've mentioned, the new adaptor takes advantage of the 802.11n protocol to deliver, according to Microsoft, up to twice the range and seven times the speed of the older model adaptor.

It's $149.95. Microsoft will continue to sell the old adaptor, but it has been reduced to $119.95.


    $119.95. That was big of them.

    Bought the old adapter months ago at Big W for $108. Still overpriced, but it works a treat.

    Said it before and i will say it again.
    at the most spend 20 bucks on a 15meter cat 5 cable at office works and rund that through your house
    feck your aesthetics.

      To get from my router to my tv you'd need a lot more than 15m. I'm looking for cheap wireless-g access points that can be used in bridge mode, myself.

    with that little price difference, why would you bother with the older model?

    Also, why is it black?

      To match your Elite, obviously. Don't have one? Well, you're either an Arcade user and don't care about Live (since you don't have a HDD!), or you're on an old Pro box, in which case you probably have the old adaptor anyway.

      I imagine that's the justification, at least.

      Because if you've got $150 to burn on a wifi dongle, you've probably bought an Elite.

    I saw the new one for $130 at a JB Hifi. Thought the price must have been too good so I double checked to make sure it was Wireless N, and it was.

    Still think I'll give this Ethernet over power thing a go. $110 for the kit at this place:

    I keep asking this and get no answer: does the new one support WPA2 encryption? The old one doesn't, which made it a huge waste of money for me since I refuse to gimp my security just for that. It's absolutely ludicrous that they can't support WPA2, given that MS is a software-focused company, the software support has been built into Windows for years, and Sony has had it out of the box on the PS3 since launch...

      Yes it does and the old one does with a patch from Xbox Live now as well

      WPA is a hardware implementation.

        Stinky i happen to know that its a hardware implementation but Microsoft are claiming with an XBL patch it works on the old one now as well

      I have the old adapter and WPA2 is now enabled on the unit. It was patched about a month ago and I took that opportunity to switch my router to WPA2 only the Xbox 360 connects fine.

    I use a NetComm power-over-ethernet kit, which was about $120. Faster, more reliable, and I can use it for networking other stuff as well as the Xbox.

    Those plugs are pretty chunky though -- you'll probably need a wide-spaced powerboard or it will overlap another point.

    @url404 make sure you have only one power phase in your house or the power based ethernet doesnt work. Also, if people are after a cheaper method of wireless, you can use a wireless bridge which does the same thing as the Microsoft USB connection and you can use it on other devices that support Ethernet as well. In regards to WPA2 support, I have the first wireless usb wireless connection and it connects to my WPA2 connection at home no problems.

    why do they charge so much for something that should have been included in the first place. Look at nintendo they released motion plus which should have been in there anyway but at least they don't overprice for it

    Xbox 360 Update Adds WPA2 Support For WiFi Adapter
    by Alice O'Connor Oct 28, 2009 9:44am CST tags: Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter
    A new Xbox 360 system update is rolling out this morning, bringing support for the WPA2 security protocol to the Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter. Owners will be prompted to download the mandatory update when they next sign into Xbox Live.

    I use Apple Airport Express' to connect my ethernet hungry devices and they work an absolute treat. On top of using 802.11n, you can use them for USB devices and connect a 3.5mm jack in them. Easy to set up and very strong performance. I have the old MS wireless adapter, but ended up switching permanently to the Apple purely for the better quality. Gotta love the irony of using the Apple Airport with the Microsoft Xbox :P

    what a rip. Glad my dad smart wired my house with CAT5 goign to every room with multiple ports :) and offcourse the wii being wireless helps as well.

    Can anyone comment? I've heard that these use the A standard which is expensive but nobody uses incase somebody does have an A network.

    $150 vs another cable my cat occaisonally chews on (not bitten through) or people trip over.

    30m ethernet cable running through to the downstairs of my house for my xbox > $120 wireless adapter.

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