New King Of Fighters Figure Bares (Almost) All

Need something to wash the taste of that movie trailer out of your mouths, KoF fans? How about this new Vanessa figure. Yes, Vanessa. Not Mai. Vanessa. Who seems to have lost all her buttons.

This figure, by A-Label, will be out next year in Japan. It stands at around 30cm high, and you should be able to import it for around USD$80-90. You want buttons, you gotta buy them yourself, so that's extra.


    I'm making this look office policy ... buttons are banned

    She should sue her surgeon.

    lol, these things get riskier and riskier.

    also shouldn't this article be tagged maximum risky and nsfw?

    Pretty sure they made these just so people could jizz on them

    show your boss and if you get fired its NSFW. good test.

    Eh, I doesn't really look like Vanessa. At least, her face doesn't. The clothing, sure, is her, but her face doesn't look anywhere near what she looks in the games.

    Still, I've always preferred Vanessa over Mai. :D

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