New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer: Spoilers, Space & Slim Shady

Still sensitive about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 spoilers? Then this explosive new trailer for the game might not be for you. But if you like explosions cued to Eminem songs, you're gonna love it regardless.

Seriously, there are video snippets of just about every major event in the game here, if not every level, including stuff that's potentially spoiler-filled. On the other hand, the rhyming styles of Nate Dogg and Marshall Mathers set to footage of missiles decimating castles and frosty snowmobile chases may override one's desire to go into Modern Warfare 2 fresh.

I'll leave it up to you to decide.

Oh, and keep in mind, this level of violence is for the mature crowd. No clicking if you're under 17, OK? Thanks.



    Tissues plz


    That is the best MW2 trailer!

    Yep, that was Outer Space right there.

    They really should have lead with this video because, damn!

    That was awesome! Can't wait until Tuesday!


    I came.

    Super Epic! Shame about the servers. I would have bought this day 1 otherwise.

      Yea welcome to the year 2009 bud, we've actually surpassed the need for cheat friendly dedicated servers now. GG!

    i read the comments first, thought everyone had gone crazy...
    but then i saw the trailer...
    omgz0rz it's EXPLOSHUNZ IN SPACE!!!1!1!?!?!!!!

    There is no outerspace gameplay.. its part of a cutscene...


    Looks like an emp burst with satellites exploding and helicopters falling out of the sky!

    Wow look at all the UBER-nerds creaming their pants over 2 seconds of space footage. I haven't quite reached that level of nerdiness yet. I'm pitching a tent over the awesomeness of the modern infantry action going on there.

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet but i don't think its the decades most anticipated game.

    Even if its breaks gross records. Prices are different from years ago - and more people own 360/PS3s that a year or 2 years ago.

    I still think GTA and Halo have been more anticipated. It had been YEARS before their last installments. I remember opening my newspaper and seeing articles BEFORE the release date about Halo and even on the news about GTA. Commercials of both games on TV, in AUSTRALIA! Usually they get aired in the US. I know thats more of a marketing thing - but i haven't seen anything like that for MW2.

    Either way it looks to be an epic game. But i still like my GTA and Halo to be the more anticipated.

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