New Saboteur Screens — Oh The Humanity!

Is it too soon for referential Hindenburg humour? I can never tell.

It's another batch of screenshots for Pandemic's The Saboteur, featuring protagonist Sean Devlin doing things other than wading through the seedy underbelly of World War II's burlesque scene. Marvel as he blows up a blimp! See him climbing a thing! Behold — he's totally talking to that one guy!


    Does anyone else cringe a little looking at that freaky (and completely unacceptable) left handed rifle action?

      it does make me a little uncomfortable

      Not me.

      Interesting fact: During WW2 the German army manufactured both left and right handed assault rifles for their soldiers.

        They really did cater for everybody's needs those Germans...

    Is it me or does that tank just look a little bit crappy?

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