New Super Mario Bros. Wii Glitch Discovers Fountain Of Coins, Youth

So far, it's not known how if this glitch is repeatable or what circumstances would force it, but, dang, that box is barfing infinite coins and thus infinite lives in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Glitch Causes Infinite Coins/Lives [Go Nintendo]


    surprised all those sprites didn't freeze the console.



    Probably because they're being picked up fast instead of just letting them build up.


    High score!

    O my.. lol

    You claim you don't know how to trigger it but in the youtube description is the following:

    "Here's how to do it:

    This must be done on the final castle of world 4.
    You need at least 2 players to do it and one of them must have ice power.
    At the spot in the video where the fence has a long rectangular switch panel, kill all the koopas but one.
    Have one player get on the switch panel and wait until the koopa is also on it.
    The player on the panel hits the switch causing the panel to flip with the koopa on it.
    While is it flipping, the other player freezes the koopa. You have to freeze him while he is on the switch panel and while it is moving. If you do it correctly you'll get the result seen in the video. "

    This very same thing........just!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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