Next Zelda Game To Feature Flight?

In an interview with Britain's The Guaridan, Zelda director Eiji Aonuma has given a none-too-subtle hint that the upcoming Wii entry in the series may feature, for the first real time in a Zelda game, flight.

"I have an eight-year-old son myself at home, and quite recently he started playing The Phantom Hourglass for DS, because when the software first hit the market he was too young" he says. "When he started playing with the boat, I told him: 'In the next Zelda, you are going to be able to ride on the train.' He answered: 'OK, Dad, first boat, and then train? Surely next time, Link is going to fly in the sky ... '"

Apparently having said that, he lets slip a big grin, before adding "I just don't know. If many people make many speculations ... some of them might be correct. Right now, I have to refrain from commenting on anything."

Now, this is Nintendo. He could just be messing with you/me. But with Twlight Princess having some sci-fi elements to it, and with Spirit Tracks featuring trains, the sight of a Hylian dirigible wouldn't be surprising in the slightest.

Eiji Aonuma and the spirit of adventure [The Guardian]


    The only reason I opened this article was to see if that image was legit.

    A zelda game that rests on the cusp of an industrial revolution in Hyrule, would be a very cool place to set the next game.

    But I'm not their target audience, cos I've found the Zelda universe to be pretty boring since Zelda 64.

    It would be cool if Hyrule progressed. It has already been happening ... swords, bombs, cannons, clawshots, trains, and other mechanical things have appeared. It would be cool if muskets / rifles or airplanes / dirigibles appeared. Beginning of WWI saw balloons used by both sides for recon and light bombing, and later on, fabric propeller planes.

    I think regressing or progressing too much beyond that would alienate too many fans, like the April Fool's prank about the Zelda game being A Link to the Future.

    I want me some modern day or sci-fi zelda. Seriously, same game style with a modern twist would be fricken sweet.

    Maybe this means Link will be able to jump on his own too =O

    My bet: Giant subterranean digger...

    Steampunk flight in a Legend of Zelda game would be awesome.

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