Nightwing Is Still Nightwing In DC Universe Online

Dick Grayson might be running around in a Batman costume with Bruce Wayne's son in the comics, but in DC Universe Online he's still rocking the Escrima sticks as Nightwing.

I thought DC Universe Online was going to try and coincide with the storylines currently happening in the comics, but apparently that isn't the case. See, in the comics, Bruce Wayne is dead (sort of), with his skull spitting out Black Lantern rings left and right as part of the Blackest Night zombie event currently tearing its way through the DC Universe. Dick Grayson, AKA Nightwing, is now Batman, and Robin is Damian Wayne, Bruce's son with Talia al Ghul.

Perhaps they'll work this all out by the time DC Universe Online launches for the PC and PlayStation 3. Grayson makes a fine Batman, but I miss me some Bruce.


    Funny you mention the continuity, and how it all might synch up by release, because THAT costume doesn't currently exist - it amalgamates the comic costume, and the cartoon costume.

    (Yes, massive Nightwing nerd...and proud of it!)

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