Nintendo Brings 40-Year-Old Ultrahand Toy To WiiWare

Club Nintendo of Japan is offering a new present to its Nintendo-loving fan base, announcing Wii de Ultrahand for WiiWare. The two-player Wii game is based on the Ultrahand toy released by Nintendo in 1966.

The Club Nintendo present, currently announced only for Japanese customers, will set members back a mere 50 points. What they'll get in exchange is a motion controlled Ultrahand sim, a game that involves grilling turkey, kabobs and ham, then snatching that meat and putting it on a plate. Successful meat grabbing nets players combos and flaming power-ups, adding to the thrill of Wii controller tilting. Control requires a Nunchuk and Wii Remote, acting as the Ultrahand's two levers, plus a desire to virtually grill savory treats.

Nintendo's Ultrahand was designed by Game Boy creator Gunpei Yokoi and originally released for the low price of 600 yen. And now it can be yours, for a mere 50 Club Nintendo points. Yokoi would be so proud.

Wii de Ultrahand [Club Nintendo Japan]


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