Nintendo DSi LL Grabs XL Hardware Sales In Japan

The Nintendo DSi LL, having officially launched in Japan this past week, has outsold everything else to the tune of 100,000-plus units, adding a "wine red" slice to the weekly Japanese hardware chart. Welcome, wine red.

After giving up pie chart real estate to Sony for the past few weeks, the ninth hardware platform on the Media Create weekly sales chart pushes Nintendo back into the leadership position in a major way. The DSi LL's closest competitor was the PlayStation 3, which commands a second place spot this week, outselling—but not by a whole lot—the Wii, PSP and regular sized Nintendo DSi. It's a fairly close race for second these days, with four platforms running neck and neck on the hardware sales front.

Not much of a competitor this week is the PSPgo, which settles for a spot between the DS Lite and Xbox 360.

The full list of hardware numbers is after this, along with a less colorful chart that may paint a better picture of how the general platform content is working out.

  • Nintendo DSi LL - 100,553
  • PlayStation 3 - 34,752
  • Wii - 32,844
  • PSP - 32,752
  • Nintendo DSi - 32,070
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 5,051
  • PSP go - 4,574
  • Xbox 360 - 4,085
  • PlayStation 2 - 2,024


    playing the DSi LL on the train would just be weird.

      Not any more weider than playing the chunky DS on the train, because that's what I do.

    I'm fairly sure that there are now 7 DS consoles for every person in Japan.

    What's going on with Japan, complained that PSP phat is too big and expensive. DSi LL is bigger and more expensive than PSP phat, and they are buying it like hotcakes.... must be nintendo spells....

    I guess the PSPgo hasn't been that much of a trainwreck in Japan as it has in other parts of the globe. It is if you compare to the PSP-3000 but it has still done well. A good exclusive digital download should do the trick.

    And can Kotaku please combine the DSi LL and DSi together as of next weeks chart. Its getting a little much and although doing so will make Nintendo dominate for probably all of eternity - its just a little MUCH seeing as though Nintendo are just spitting these different models out and mainly the Japs are swallowing it whole.

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