Nintendo May Have More Metroid Prime Primed For DS

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption may have wrapped up the GameCube-to-Wii trilogy, but fans of first-person adventuring in the suit of Samus Aran may be able to look forward to future Prime games.

Nintendo's Kensuke Tanabe, overseer of all things Metroid, tells the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine that the company is "always planning to make new games in the Metroid Prime series". And while Metroid: Other M is pencilled in for a Wii release next year, the Prime series may return to the Nintendo DS for future iterations.

Tanabe says, "We cannot deny the possibility of realising it on DS or DSi."

That backs up statements Tanabe made to Kotaku earlier this year. The Metroid producer said during an email interview that Nintendo "will keep considering multiplayer for the Prime series", a feature included in 2006's Metroid Prime Hunters for the Nintendo DS.

Metroid Prime Still Has A Future [ONM UK]


    i hope they make a good 2D game for DS, although I don't mind another 3D metroid with good multiplayer/online.

    Instead of another Prime on the DS, how about a Prime game with online multiplayer on the Wii? The DS would be better suited to a 2D metroid methinks (New Super Metroid DS?)

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