Nintendo President: Majority Of Video Games Digital In 20 Years

The clock is ticking on bricks and mortar game retailers. But according to Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, the clock will be ticking for another 20 years before digital distribution takes over and rules the school.

"Most radical people even dare to say that retailers will be replaced by digital distribution in no time," Iwata said at a recent Nintendo briefing. "But personally, I think it will still require a significant amount of time."

By significant, Iwata means two decades. "In other words, it will require many years and months for the majority of video game purchase to become digital," said Iwata. "In short, in 20 years or so I might say it will have probably changed. But in five years or so, I do not totally agree with opinions that no one will purchase titles at retailers by then."

Habits of life, Iwata pointed out, don't change such radically and quickly. "Especially for the expanded audience of various people," he added, "to whom we are and will be trying to appeal, I believe their habits will change more slowly."

Twenty years? Won't we have flying cars then?

Investor Relations: Corporate Management Policy Briefing / Semi-annual Financial Results Briefing Q & A [Nintendo via GoNintendo][Pic]


    He is probably right, the world dose not change so quickly, even if we want it to.

    A few possible combination of reasons include the fact that internet networks in many countries such as Australia (thats us) will need to be upgraded and have a value for money pricing instead of our shining star of achivement, Telstra.

    The majority of the population grew up in a world where money is traded for tangable things, people are less likely to buy items, especially for games they really want, if those items are not tangable (remember im talking about the general market, eg casual gamers).

    What we will probably see is digital distribution existing side by side with hardcopy versions of data (such as games) for a long time, and then maybe after 20 or so years will digital distribution completly replace hardcopys, maybe.

    However, i think that morter and brick game stores will be killed of quicker as digital distribution picks up, and bigger titles will return to being exclusively sold online or through stores such as Target or Myer.

    Or something completly different could happen, like the idiots of the world saying that games are responsible for all violent activites leading to a global ban, who knows, stranger thing have happened, i think.

    We are meant to have the hover conversion done in about 2 years time...

    20 years is way too long for the 'majority' of game purchases to go digital. I'd 20 years is a fair bet for how long physical copies of games will still be in stores.

      @Alex Hartman
      I think that's what Iwata is getting at. Digital Distribution will take off sooner than that but it will take a lot longer before stores stop selling hard copies. I for one would rather have something that I can sell/trade, swap or loan than have DRM infested rubbish that doesn't belong to me.

    The general consumer base can barely work on the internet right now let alone adopt digital distribution. I would have to agree with Iwata.

    I work at call center for an ISP, and people can still barely operate Internet Explorer let alone understand concepts such as Downloading, speed and size... I had someone try to argue with me when i laid it out in plain maths how long something on his speed would take to download.

    5 years ago I signed up to Australia's largest ISP, today the plan has exactly the same speed at almost the same usage.

    Digital revolution will never happen.

      Well you're either an idiot for staying with Bigpond/Telstra for so long, or it's unfortunate that you have no alternative.



    YEAH! What are you deaf and studpid? I said NO!!!

    What are you? Chicken?

    What did you call me Griff?


    Nobody, calls me!!!... heh... chicken...


    *Insert Michael Jackson Beat It'

    power laces.

    He's full of rubbish.

    With ever increasing technology, currently with PS3 games up to 50gb, this will never happen. Technology is only getting greater to the point where file sizes are ridiculously big. Microsoft charges AU$200 for a 120gb HDD, what the hell will they charge for a 12tb HDD, if and when that time comes.

    The majority of the world doesn't have a fast enough speed or download limit to handle this and it will take a hell of a lot to improve it.

    I don't even like digital copies that much. Sure, you have the benefit of being able to play it strait from the console but, hard copies are so much nicer as you actually feel you own something. You also have the benefit of selling the hard-copy or buying one cheaper then the company wants for it.

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