Nintendo Thanks People For Ratting Out R4 Retailers

Kyoto-based game company Nintendo created an anonymous form for collecting information about the sale of R4 cartridges in Japan. This information will be used by Nintendo in its legal suit.

As we posted previously, announced that it and 54 software game companies were filing a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court against companies that import "R4 Revolution"-type devices, using the Unfair Competition Prevention Law as the legal grounding.

According to Nintendo, such devices hurts the growth of the entire game industry and steps must be taken regarding the legality of R4 carts. It's important to note that this legal injunction is for Japan only.

Nintendo is asking for the cease of marketing, sales and importation of these Chinese-made devices. The R4 allows easy software piracy by fitting right into the DS's cartridge slot. Data is stored on a Micro SD and downloaded from websites via a flash drive, and the R4 has a small slot that the Micro SD card goes into.

In addition to the suit, Nintendo launched a website devoted to collecting information about R4 sellers. "It's getting increasingly difficult to track down R4 sellers as day by day they get more ingenious, flourishing online and complicating matters," said Nintendo in a written statement. Because of this, Nintendo is calling on the strength of the masses to eradicate the sale of these devices.

The website Nintendo has set up has an anonymous form that can be filled out. Selectable choices include retail stores, internet shops, online auctions selling R4 devices. Another choice includes "game software uploads" — or those sites or individuals making DS games available online. There's also spaces for dates and time, a box for details and another box for the shop's address or home page.

Today, Nintendo announces that the information collected by this website has been "extremely useful".

"We would like to say that the information we have collected from so many individuals has been extremely useful and offer our sincere gratitude for everyone's cooperation." Nintendo goes on to say that with the cooperation of all, the legality of this issue will be concretely resolved.



    I'm kind of in two minds about this.

    On one hand, i've always had a dislike of game companies that very, very heavily promote anti-piracy, pooling much time and resources into it, which is a bad move, as there will ALWAYS be piracy, and intense anti-piracy measures only hurts your paying customers. The best way to combat piracy is to make a product that people WANT to play. A friend of mine who pirated Borderlands, for example, felt like a real asshole after he realised:
    A) How great it was and
    B) That there was absolutely no anti-piracy measures on the game. He then later went out and bought a copy.

    On the other hand, piracy on the DS is LAUGHABLY easy. I have a friend who has an 8 year old cousin who is able to DL games and plonk them on his R4. The fact that the file sizes are considerably smaller than all other platforms means they can be downloaded on many connections. Plus there is no 'real' advantage to buying the game, (for PC games, the real advantage of not pirating is you get on-line play).

    So yeah, not sure how to feel about this

    I from Nintendo would like to thank all the snitches out there. Seriously this is a Hmmm... let us seriously think about this for a minute moment. Although nintendo is a family gaming type of consoles so their products are cheaper then more dedicated gaming consoles so if they were to spend more money and time on their consoles coding then maybe people wouldnt spend so much time on homebrew.

      Actually, that's another point i wanted to make. The Nintendo hombrew scene is fan fucking tastic. Hombrew really does what nintendon't, from DS ports of Quake, to playing games from a hard drive and watching movie DVD's on your Wii!

      Even the homebrew browser menu is much nicer than the standard nintendo store one :P

    I think the excuse of "Homebrew games" is a load of hogwash.
    R4 cards, M5's and "chips" or mods for consoles were always and will never be intended for home made games, its just an excuse that everyone has run with.

    Exactly the only way to beat piracy is to win the minds of the people. That all create proprietry hardware that make pirating impractical like the PS3.

    pirating on the ds is like the old 'copy that floppy' and how evil did that feel in the day?

    Also I as of yet have no flashcart, I have a very small collection of games, this isn't due to the lack of flashcart or my tastes. I simply believe that DS games are way too expensive, the most I ever paid was $40 for Zelda PH when it was new in america with our parity dollar.

    I would like to point out that Ninty's crap has always been the first to be hacked, and easiest to emulate.

    Ive been of the persuasion for years that they jack their prices and profiteer off hardware that is required to play.. you know, thus meaning: we profit off pirated stuff or not.

    If this wasnt a specific market strategy, it was a stupid move business wise, especially when their late ninties mantra was the security of quality and elimination of piracy.

    The 64 had catridges for that reason apparently.. and was nicely reverse engineered almost immediately.

    They could thank people by dropping the prices of both their hardware and software to support those who buy from them.

    They could...

    Interestingly enough, the only way I found out about the R4 carts etc... was through Nintendo saying how bad they were, and kotaku giving awfully detailed instructions on how to pirate (since the process is apparently really simple).

    Having said that, however, if a game is genuinly good - I'll buy it. If i'm not sure, i'll play a demo then decide. If I were to pirate, my current mind set is that a pirated copy would be like an extended demo - you can decide if you wish to buy it or not after trying it. Any company living off people impulse buying their games deserves to go down the tube anyway.

    Say what you want about how horrible Ninty are with treating their customers etc, but at the end of the day it's the game developers that are dying.

    Imagine if Scribblenauts or Borderlands or MW2 was never paid for, but only pirated. We'd never see something as interesting as those on the market again, because precedence would speak volumes, and the companies would shut down.

    Just my... i guess it's about 5c now it's so bloody long. :P

      "Imagine if Scribblenauts or Borderlands or MW2 was never paid for, but only pirated"

      It would send a message to those companies that people want to experience the product but have no desire to pay for it, at least at the price offered.

    have to agree, DS games are too expensive.

    I haven't jailbroken my iphone because i havent seen the need yet - what with doom coming out and all.

    Cheap + easily available games FTW!

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