Noby Noby Boy Makes It To Jupiter

Hooray! Noby Noby Girl, apparently abetted by another Lucky Week adding a multiplier to reported scores, has managed to encircle Jupiter, and deliver new worlds for Noby Noby Boy (and you) to explore.

The video below shows Boy discovering the Bespin-y qualities of this new environment, unlocked thanks to the collective efforts of Noby Noby players reporting their scores back to Namco. Crushing atmospheric pressure and poisonous clouds of ammonia seem not to be much of a problem here.

For those keeping score, Girl reached the Moon on February 23, four days after the game's release. Mars was next on May 23, and now Jupiter on November 20. At this rate, I'd say ETA to Saturn is late 2010.

Jupiter Here We Are! [PSN Stores]


    Ugh, I see the maps are still TINY. It would've been so much more fun if they were like 10x bigger...

    People still play this?

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