Nokia Busted Promoting Nintendo Emulators In Advertisement

Hey, Nokia: just because your own experiment with handheld gaming went pear-shaped doesn't mean you can go advertising other people's games on your phones.

Nintendo are currently investigating a commercial for Nokia's N900 smartphone, which reportedly showed the phone happily playing a bunch of retro emulated games for the NES, SNES Game Boy and Spectrum, among others. The clear insinuation being that any ROMs involved in playing these games would, in 99% of cases, be illegally downloaded.

We'd point you towards the video, but it's since been pulled.

Nintendo Investigating Possible Copyright Infringement By Nokia [Edge] Nokia demonstrates retro emulator [Pocket Gamer]


    Alright so how many things can run these emulators? Certain Symbian phones , the PSP, computers etc. all have emulators.Its what the N900 is capable of so deal with it. N-gage flopped coz of low specs to then competition and not because it didn't have any games or such.

    Pft well Australia aren't getting the N900 anymore so what a way to rub it in our faces!!!!

    So what if can run emulators, the buttons are still clumsy for gaming.... until Nokia can come up with a good keypad/buttons, Nokia still will not break into the game market.

    Look out for the N900, Nokia’s first Linux handset which will be unveiled at the Forum Nokia Developer Conference 2010 in Sydney next month.

    I think at this conference, lots of new innovative mobile applications and technologies would be unveiled.

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