NY Testing Emergency Broadcasts Over Gaming Networks

In many places, should the unthinkable happen and a serious emergency arise, citizens are alerted via the TV and radio. How 20th century. New York, however, are going a little more modern, and adding gaming networks to the list.

There's currently a trial program in place in the state called "Empire 2.0", which is all about the government extending existing services and means of communication to 21st century outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, gaming consoles are included in that, and NY are in the process of testing - across Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network and the Wii's network - a means of distributing emergency warning messages across those platforms, so anyone with their console on (and TV or radio off) can be reached.

It's a good idea. I actually had the displeasure of hearing the "whoooop whoooop" of an emergency warning back in 2003, but I only heard it - and evacuated my house in time - because it was on both the radio and television. These days, I'd be far more likely to be on Xbox Live or the PSN.

Not that I live in NY, just saying... it's a good idea.

Interop: New York Tests Xbox-Based Alert System [IW, via Gizmodo]


    So I'm playing on my PS3 or 360 and this emergency broadcast appears. I suspect this would be a pretty serious situation and I must protect myself from the impending doom...

    Living in typical suburbia.... um.... what should I do when I see this emergency broadcast?

    Do I lie down on the floor? Put a paper bag over my head?

    WHAT? I'm really concerned about this now!.....

      Before you do anything, you save your game of course!

      You "duck and cover" just like the government's advice to those who feared nuclear obliteration...

      This could have been good idea if only we didn't live in a world where fear mongers abuse the public trust for political reasons like "orange alerts" or whatever the hell shade of b.s. they want to pimp to the online public...

    If that was a serious comment then the best thing to do upon hearing the emergency broadcast is to pack up things (very quickly) that are vital to yourself (never carry much) and move to where the emergency broadcast tells you (I've never been in an evacuation situation but I assume there is a point of meeting organised for evacuees).

    Also I'd say there would be Police/Firefighters telling people where to go.

    What if you were playing MW or L4D or something for the first time and thought it was just part of the campaign?

    Seems like a good idea. It should be built in like MMO system messages (eg ones that let you know that the server is going down in 5 minutes).

    this is a great idea; i work at an ISP and during last summers bushfires we had a guy call up who was complaining of lag on WoW - my coworker noted his address and pointed out that the national park behind his house was on fire, the guy had no idea.

    and yeah, apparently the guy looked out his back window and his response was "shit, i should probably deal with that first eh" then hung up

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