October Sales: DJ Hero Tanks, Brutal Legend, Well...

There were two games noticeable by their absence from the October NPD top 10 list: EA's heavy-metal adventure Brutal Legend and Activision's peripheral-shackled DJ Hero.

Brutal Legend managed to move 215,000 copies when you combine the figures from PS3 and 360. For a game with a niche appeal, that's not too bad. But for a game that had Jack Black popping up every five seconds to promote it... yeah, maybe EA were hoping for a little more.

It's a veritable Modern Warfare 2 when you compare it to DJ Hero, however, which only sold 122,300 units. Across four platforms. Yes, it was only on sale for five days in October (still a long enough time to pick up decent numbers), but this was Activision's first crack at their own "Hero" game. It had an expensive marketing campaign, and was backed by heavyweights like Daft Punk, Jay-Z and DJ Shadow.

Then again, maybe that was the problem. My distaste for the game has always been down to its scattershot approach to its soundtrack: a little hip-hop here, a little electronica there, some dance, all meeting over some ill-advised pop remixes... it's a mess. Perhaps it would have been better served picking, say, hip-hop and just running with that, so it was a must-have for at least one market.

That or not being $US120. Or making its song downloads $US3. Those might have helped, too.

Wonder if it'll do any better in November...

Anyway, here's the platform breakdown for those interested, courtesy of GameSpot:

Brutal Legend (360) - 150,000 units Brutal Legend (PS3) - 66,000 units DJ Hero (360) - 62,000 units DJ Hero (PS3) - 39,000 units DJ Hero (Wii) - 19,000 units DJ Hero (PS2) - 3300 units

Brutal Legend sells 216K, DJ Hero 123K [GameSpot]


    That's a shame. I was hoping BL would sell a bunch, if only to make it easier for Tim Schafer to make his next game.

    At least it's selling more than Psychonauts did...

    I totally disagree with the thought of having just one set genre for DJ Hero.

    Good thing about Rock Band is that they started the whole, download song packs etc.. which is what Guitar Hero now does and DJ Hero i'm sure too.

    I know its no excuse to have a crappy set list for the game so that you have to download in the future to get the most out of it. But DJ'ing is by far not a set Hip-Hop market. Perhaps in America but not across Europe or here in Australia.

    It was diverse which is the way it should be. I suppose DLC is what comes with most games these days - so if HipHop lovers want more, go download it! Even though I have NO intentions on buying DJ Hero, ((I just think that whole music video game stuff is way over crowded and ridiculous. They should have stopped at Legends of Rock)) I would still like to try it out. And making it a primal Hip Hop game would prevent me from touching it altogether.

    Oh and why no mention of Brutal Legend being toasted with the MW2 launch. Everyone said that about Borderlands and it performed wonderfully. I think Brutal Legend was the real disaster.

    While a bit short I did enjoy brutal legend a lot. Better than many long games I have bought that got so boring I gave up before the end.

    I disagree, Jay. I'm into hip-hop and turntablism and it's really jarring having to play some of the pop mixes when I want to dive right in with Daft Punk and DJ Shadow tracks. Of course I have to get through the stuff I don't like to actually unlock the stuff I do like and the games mostly been sitting in a drawer because I've played the tracks I like to death.

    thats cool news to me. i hate jack black and dj hero is just another rip off game that will end up in a new game released every 2 months. sorry to all who liked it. im sure i will get flamed by you but...well...fudge you :)

    I don't think even Activision budgetted DJ Hero to sell a million copies or anything. Selling 122,000 units means a revenue of $14 million; and with christmas just around the corner, I can see them at least making some money off this project. Since its a new segway from their current bread and butter, its not going to instantly be on the same level as guitar hero.

    Its a fun game, got some music for everybody, and probably made them a bit of cash.

    I'm sure the hype train cost them some money in advertising, but looking at how easily all of the reviewers sold out at reviewing the atrocious modern warfare 2 for pc, it can't be that hard to bribe any of these gaming websites with some cool clips of daft punk et cetera. Hardly a significant % of 14 mill, eh?

    And its got DJ Shadow - Organ Donor. Screw the haters!

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