Old News '90: Nintendo Says NES Final Fantasy Is Geared To Adults

We've been writing about Final Fantasy this week, so how about we study how people used to write about this huge franchise. Like back in 1990, when the first game was coming to America. How did people/Nintendo explain it?

You are reading Kotaku's once-weekly (sort of) journey back to yesteryear.

I direct you to the June 24, 1990 edition of The Oregonian. The headline: "Video Games Capitalise On Popularity Of Movies." But past reports of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Dick Tracy games is a bit on something called Final Fantasy.

Tom Sarris, a spokesman for the Nintendo empire, said that the company expects about 70 new game titles out between now and the beginning of the year.

"Basically, you can expect something for everybody,'' he said. "One of the most eagerly anticipated titles here is 'Final Fantasy,' which is very, very big in Japan, and that is very much geared to the adult market.'' Final Fantasy is a role playing-adventure fantasy game that will come with two maps and, Sarris said, the biggest instruction manual ever to accompany a Nintendo game — 84 pages long.

"It will be the most sophisticated game yet,'' said Sarris. "We estimate the serious player can get through it in 60 hours. Casual players may take twice as long.''

I never played that first Final Fantasy. I never counted the pages of its manual. I couldn't even say it's not for adults, though I didn't think it was geared for the adult market. But it certainly was big in Japan. Still is!



    I guess they mean that it's for Adults as in, the casual child market that enjoyed Mario might be put-off by the style of gameplay and the length of the title. There's no adult themes in the game.

    yeah I think they meant its a little too heavy in story and strategy for a 4 year old kid who likes Mario...
    but I like how they tried to make us impressed by the size of the manual :P
    Wow, 84 pages! This has gotta be good... :P

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