Close Your Eyes And BioWare Will Give You A Big Surprise

Well, you might want to open your eyes, too. Sometime "next week", a surprise will go up on the official Mass Effect 2 website. Whatever could it be?

Well, it was also called "the coming surprise", and, you know, ew. Alright, that was lifted out of context for a cheap laugh. Here's the verbatim post on Mass Effect 2's official fan page on Facebook:

Man, so much time tied up today in meetings and "secret stuff" I didn't get any time with ME2 at all. =( Still with the coming surprise for next week on the ME2 website, I'm sure fans will forgive me for no update. Did I, Evil Chris Priestly, just drop a hint? Yes. Yes I did.

Read literally, that could mean it wasn't Chris Priestly dropping a hint, but in fact it was Evil Chris Priestly his palette-swap nemesis from planet Zantrar 5.

Mass Effect on Facebook [via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    heres hoping the secret is that ME and ME2 are coming to PS3....

      LOL dreamer.

    Gah! not only am i not going to be here for the release, now i'm also going to miss out on this 'coming suprise'!

    Suppose i'll just have to settle for being in South America xD

    Although, i won't be looking forward to any 'coming suprises' while there... >_>

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