Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Staggers Out DLC

Four new multiplayer maps and two Fire Team Engagement missions are out for the PC version of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising tomorrow with its console cousins receiving a title update before the DLC sees release.

The Skirmish downloadable content pack for Dragon Rising comes out for free on the PC tomorrow, bundled with a title update that will take care of various single and multiplayer issues that players have been complaining about since the game was released. The four new maps — Lumberyard, White Fang, Stomping Grounds and Force Dispersal — along with the All Round Defence and Uphill Struggle FTE missions will be available for free download for the PC version of the game starting tomorrow.

For console owners, November 5 will see the release of a title update for the Xbox 360 version, with the PlayStation 3 title update following shortly after. The Skirmish DLC will be available for both consoles at a later date, running players either 400 Microsoft points or $US3.99.

You can check out a full list of the title update fixes for the PC and console versions at the Codemasters community website.


    hmm, all i ever wanted was to be able to 'freelook' with the mouse while driving and to go prone when i press the prone button... also, being able to change weapon with mouse scroll while moving would have been a nice touch too.
    maybe i'm being too harsh- no, that can't be right.

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