Original World 1-1 Recreated In New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii has barely been out 48 hours, already there's a level editor for it, and already someone's rebuilt World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros.

This might be played through a Wii/GameCube emulator, not on the console itself. There are a few flaws in the re-creation — how many can you spot? Mario doesn't go into the subterranean coin chamber, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, so let's say that one doesn't count.

Fan Recreates SMB World 1-1 in NSMBW [The Tanooki]


    that looks MUCH too good to be on wii, it has to be dolphin

      Emulators don't enhance graphics lol, and it looks like it is due to the shitty framerate.

        Actually, emulators have been known to add higher resolutions, better texture filtering, anti-aliasing, v-sync and loads of other features to games, thus improving their visuals.

        As Paul said: Not true.
        In particular, the Dolphin emulator is known to output Wii games at a far higher quality than is possible on a standard game. Have a look on youtube for 720p Wii game videos and you'll see the likes of Brawl, Mario Galaxy and others looking far far better than they do running natively on a Wii.
        As Paul mentioned, the reason for this is running the games at a higher resolution and making use of anti-aliasing and better texture filtering abilities.

    It took a whole 2 days for someone to do a 1-1? That's pretty disappointing. I think somebody had a 1-1 in Little Big Planet within an hour or something.

      I think the fact that it took 2 days to make the level editor not make the level is what the article is about.

      SMB Wii doesn't have a built in level editor that I know of. But I haven't had my finger on the pulse of this game.

    Why not just play the original...

      There's this widespread sub-culture of dudes remaking 1-1 in pretty everything with an editor. Make a platform game of some note, some dude will screw around with and make 1-1 quicker than you can say Mamma Mia!

      I'm pretty sure some dude even had a go at making 1-1 in the Far Cry 2 map editor. Hey Wildgoose! Did you come across that one?

    yep, the music is atrocious! I think my ears would bleed listening to that while playing.

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