Pandemic Studios Says Goodbye... Geek Gangsta Style

Last week Electronic Arts put a bullet in the head of Pandemic Studios, putting many of their 200 staff out of work a week before Thanksgiving.

Today Pandemic ex-staffers let EA know how they feel. Maybe the publisher should be happy that all they lost was a printer in the mass firings of developers skilled at making games with destructible environments.

With a bit of free time on their hands, maybe a gifted writer at Pandemic should hit me up for a "writing assignment". Who doesn't love a holiday expose?


    ahaha the idea is from 'office space', classic! :)

    Hmmm printer may have the last laugh. I wonder if they knew the printers carbon black is a major carcinogenic substance?

      Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. I think they would have been better off wearing the gasmask in their logo whilst all that toner was flying around. Perhaps in 20 years time this video clip will be used in a court hearing, sure hope not though.

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