Party Chat Not Fully Supported in Modern Warfare 2

The Xbox 360 version of Modern Warfare 2 won't allow gamers to be in Party Chat while playing the game, according to a screen uploaded by a NeoGaf poster.

That means that gamers on different teams won't be able to cross talk and cheat. Of course, it also means that gamers won't be able to chat to friends not playing Modern Warfare 2 while they're in the game.

The PlayStation 3 doesn't have a cross-game chat capability.

While some people seemed upset about this move, I think it's a pretty good idea and will help cut down on people giving away positions in ranked matches. Of course, someone could just pick up a phone if they really wanted to cheat.

We've contacted Activision to try and confirm this screenshot.

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Footage. Spoilers within, click accordingly. [NeoGaf]


    Modern Warfare 2:
    Standard game features on console/PC? No
    Originality? No
    Larger price tag? Yes!
    Generic Shooter? Yes!
    Building up Bobby Kotick's undeserved sense of self-worth? Yes!

    Lame. Seems every new "leaked" feature of MW2 is getting crapper by the day.

    Hopefully a patch will fix this.

    i agree. I dont understand companies that make things that take features away. I understand the causes behind this, but honestly, this one is completely dumb. I have been in a party where one of my team mates is on the other team, and guess what, it was more of a "ha man, how did that feel" then " oh one guy is on the roof, another is behind the tree" why take something away from us because they have a flawed system.

    We don't even know which game types (besides Domination) that this applies to.
    I'm pretty sure that seeing as this is deliberate there won't be a patch to fix it.

    This will be quite annoying. I tend to play with a couple of friends in a party on the same team and just chat with them, because the rest of my team seem to be 12 year olds calling me a nigger for stealing their kills and such.

    This is a bit unnecessary. As you can't see the other team while in spectate mode, at least in hardcore playlists anyway, i don't see this as anything but an inconvenience. It will cut down the amount of cheaters but not all of them and actually annoy all the people that use the party chat system for the whole point of cross game chat. As Daggett64 said, guess its back to listening to the young teens trash talking. Yaaaaayyyyy!!!! :(

    So I cant talk to my mates while they're playing MW2 if im not playing it?

    Wow...Acti/IW are screwing me for not buying their game...thats just fucking low.

    Well I for one support it as i am a Hardcore S&D player. Party chat ruined S&D in general for COD 4 and COD:WaW because you could give away enemy positions whilst you are dead (known as 'ghosting') which ruined that game type.

    Thanks for listening to the hardcore clan match crowd IW!

      maybe they could have just changed what cameras were available while you were dead then? instead of breaking one of the best updates made to the xbox live experience.

        Amen to that one.

        Exactly! This is just disvantaging the greater number who use it properly for what a few dickheads do... Competing against people in your party chat and being able to pay them out when you stab them in the back or snipe them when they think they're being all sneaky sneaky is awesome and one of the features that enhances the playability of COD4 for me... They're screwing with the greater number for what a small amount of tools do, which is stupid...

    If MW2 won't let me use party chat I'm taking my copy back to the store. My friends aren't getting the game yet I like to chat with them. If i try and I get that screen and within 5 days no update to fix that game will go where it belongs: In the bin!

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