PC Version Of Dragon Age Patched, Explained

The PC version of Dragon Age: Origins got a 1.01 patch not 72 hours after release; lead designer Mike Laidlaw jumped onto BioWare's forums to explain its necessity.

First, the changes, according to BioWare:

• Fixed potential corruption of character statistics • Fixed portrait appearance sliders when importing a character from the downloadable Character Creator • Fixed import for preset face settings from the downloadable Character Creator • Made Easy difficulty easier • Slightly increased attack, defence, and damage scores for all party members at Normal difficulty • Fixed video issues when running on a very wide screen display, including ATI Eyefinity displays

Hey, who doesn't like easier easy? Anyway, notice of the patch brought out some catcalls about the quality of the game's shipped code. So Laidlaw posted a comment to "pull back the curtain a bit," on game development.

Game development seems like it's extremely up to the moment, but at the end of every game there is a period where you have to enter a lockdown so that final QA runs and certifications can be completed. This process is exhaustive and is the kind of thing that you have to completely re-do if you make any changes.

That said, it's hard not to be proud of your game, and to want it to be perfect, so we try to identify things that might be patch candidates. In Dragon Age's case, we had a unique opportunity to compare balance numbers between console and PC, and in the end we decided to make some tweaks and put them in the pipe for around launch day, while keeping an eye for any extremely bad bugs to include.

There's good odds that there will be another patch, as there seem to be a few issues still creeping up (dagger damage, etc) and I would like to see those addressed. Of course, we have to do due diligence and test and QA these things properly, so it's not an instant fix. Just be aware that we are watching these forums and working to try and nail down any issues that are creeping up.

Laidlaw then returned to the forum to say that future patches will likely continue to address game balance. "Mages, however, are awesome," he wrote. "That's not going to change."

Dragon Age Origins Patch v1.01 Released [BioWare Forums]


    I'm a rogue and I'm finding I'm dying a lot and my whole party is chugging down potions. I was watching my sister play and the same dungeon that gave me so much trouble, her mage was blitzing through. The mages damage and crowd control is uncomparable to my poor old rogues. This feels like WoW all over again XD

    I wish they'd launch a bug fix for teh console version. I've had to do 3 hard resets and 2 saves which I couldn't use because certain bugs would be there from loading - specifically in the fade when I'd start the game on one side of a close door and somehow be in combat with monsters on the other side (and therefore be unable to interact with the sodding door :( ).

    For a bioware title, its really... unpolish :/

      What version of WoW were you playing? Mage being uber awesome and Rogue constantly dieing? I think you have things a little backwards.... At least that was my experience as a mage getting ganked by Rogues.

        I haven't played WoW in years. I played from launch till about a year after. Rogues pwnt Mages to begin with but there was a time after a mage buff patch that stealth was buggy and our survivability was tiny. I think it was shortly after the diminishing returns on stunlock. Not sure. Can't remember. PvP wasn't too bad but the big thing was that rogues didn't have the sustained mega damage to be taken into raids. No one wanted us, whether in parties or raids...

        But I hear all that changed a few months after I left. Shame I didn't get to see it but I'm still happy I left XD

      Well, if you lurk on the DA forums, you'd know that DEX is bugged. Daggers don't gain extra damage from DEX yadayada. They're gonna fix it in the next patch, apparently.

      A hotfix is out though.

        I didn't know DEX was bugged. Makes a lot of sense though. The additional damage I've been getting form cunning since becoming an assassin has been good but my damage still feels really low. Now I know why!

        I didn't spend too much time on the DA forums. Seems to be a congregation of PC elitists and.. very strange people that get raging boners over virtual romances... Bioware has a lot of strange fans >_>

    Constantly pausing the game to micromanage is kind of annoying but I guess there's no patch that will resolve that.

    Wow, my mage is dying more than my rogue. Well until I got my warriors (Sten, Alistair) threaten + taunt abilities.

    Maybe you should reconsider your tactics? Make sure your mage has at least the Heal spell.

    Hey Dunnowhathuh, i've played it through on PC & Console and i've found I have to put a lot more control in with pausing/micromanaging on the PC just - even with the same 'tactics' setup as on console.

    Then again! As per Shoitaan's comments my PC playthrough is with a rogue and whilst it's nice to be able to sneak up the back and take down someone - I had to bring Morrigan along for crowd control or my party would be toast!

    Yeah , mages are definitely overpowered in this game.
    As a warrior and rogue I'm struggling to get trough fights drinking potions as quick as pints at my local.
    On my mage however I blast/crowd control everything hands down .

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