PETA Releases New Super Chick Sisters

PETA returns to its Mario-parody Super Chick Sisters with the New Super Chick Sisters, switching gears from vilifying Kentucky Fried Chicken to vilifying McDonald's.

McDonald's abuses chickens somehow, and it's up to the New Super Chick Sisters to save Princess Pamela Anderson while learning about chicken abuse in this sequel to 2007's Super Chick Sisters. Just like the 2007 original, Mario and various Mario-related characters appear in this flash game, which manages to be a rather capable little platformer despite its heavy-handed message. McDonald's signs drip with blood as you make your way through the colourful game world, rescuing chicks and hunting for Pamela Anderson. In a series of cutscenes, Mario voices his frustration in not being able to save the princess himself.

The New Super Chick Sisters is available to play or download at


    PETA are an awful scumbag company, they euthenise about 90 times more animals than they save each year, but then public speak against animal euthenasia. Hypocritial scumbag freaks.

      dont even get me started about medical esting thiers a high ranking PETA Worker who was diabetes and takes insulin to live now insulin was tested on dogs now the fact that she has been able to survive because of animal testing makes that lady one of the bigger hypocrits of that terrorist group

    i hate PETA they vilify animal shelters because they put down dog's then they do it themselves also they support terrorism (dont belive me watch penn and tellers bullshit episode about PETA they are one of the more scumbag groups in this world)

    Why is PETA allowed to infringe on copyrights so easily? Cooking Mama and Mario are two prime examples I can think of. Is it because they think they are above the law that it would be bad publicity if the compnay that owned the copyright would try and sue them?

    Although the Cooking Mama team majorly PWNed PETA last year. Epic FAIL PETA

    honestly, i don't go making fun of there jesus... mario has resurected way more times than there jesus, treating him like this is absolute blasphemy and i am genuinley offended... so offended infact that im off to maccas to buy a double quater pounder

    I love PETA, love when they stand outside my KFC and start holding those photos of diseased chicken whilst I eat my meal.

    Makes em hungry.

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