Play Warhammer Online For Free, Forever

EA's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - a subscriber-based MMO - has gone completely free of charge, forever. Provided you don't mind playing the trial version. Forever.

All 24 careers are available, with players free to run around until they reach level 10, at which point their exploits are capped.

That's one hell of a hook; get people in, get them juiced up on levelling, then withhold their supply until the money comes in. It's a tried and tested sales pitch for other forms of addiction, no reason it won't work here.

If you're interested, the download link is below.

[Warhammer Online Trial]


    Warhammer is a great game. Im loving it

    Unless I'm mistaken, Lord of the Rings Online also does this. Its a good enough system but WAR has too many technical issues for me to go back to.

    the title of this is such a cocktease...

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