Playing Wii Fit With A Japanese Maid, A Photo Journey

Early last month, we brought word of a spot in Akihabara called "Refresh Club" where folks can shell out to play Wii with Japanese ladies dressed as maids. Now, website AkibaMap took one for the team and checked it out.

For several years now, places like Refresh Club have been popping up in places like Tokyo's Akihabara and Osaka's Den-Den Town. The selling point for Refresh Club is that this isn't simply playing video games, but it's reflexology with Wii games. There's also yoga, foot massages, and an ear cleaning service!

"Playing Wii Fit by yourself is lonely," says the establishment's owner. "But here, playing along with a maid makes exercising enjoyable."

While Refresh Club is ¥2,600 (US$28) for a thirty minute course and ¥4,600 ($51) for an hour, there is a trial course that's only ¥1,500 ($17). But please note: Club Refresh has the right to refuse service of customers who have been drinking alcohol, have athlete's foot or are pregnant. Not sure if pregnant ladies are a huge market, but those are the rules and rules are rules.

Everyone else, it seems, can enjoy stretching, Wii gaming and ear cleaning with maids like Megumi. When she's not working as a maid, she's passing out fliers at car shows. She has a blog, check it out.

キャンディフルーツ リフレッシュクラブ −メイドさんがいる会員制リフレッシュクラブ [秋葉原マップ via JapanSugoi]


    How do they check you for atheletes foot? lolz.

    Seriously though, people must be pretty lonely and desperate in japan.

    Damn it! I was just at Akihabara month ago. Would have been cool to visit a place a read about on Kotaku...wait, no it wouldn't...

    I'M A NERD!

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