PlayStation Europe Product Manager On PS3 Cross-Game Chat

PS3 firmware 3.10, announced last night by Sony, does not appear to bring oft-requested cross-game to the console that only does everything. But according to comments from the European version of the, it's too early to give up hope.

When asked about the feature, PlayStation Network product manager Joe Thorpe wrote "I wish I could just give you a date, I really do!! Trust me when I say that as soon as I hear from ‘up top' I will be shouting about it and making myself the most popular person on the blog."

"I hope, like you all do, that its sooner rather than later," Thorpe writes, adding a little wink and a smile.

Not a confirmation from Thorpe, but thankfully not a denial.

Last month, cross-game chat was mentioned in a quickly-deleted post by Naughty Dog developer who wrote that "the next PS3 firmware update is going to allow cross game chat."

Maybe the next-next update then?


    The PS3 is at v3.0 and the PSP is at v6.00. Why would you lose hope now?

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