PlayStation Hardware Continues Pie Dominance In Japan

Avid readers of The Japanese Hardware Chart weekly updates won't be surprised—especially after reading about the PlayStation family's software dominance—that Sony hardware is selling better than the competition in Japan. No change this week.

Scratch that. There was a slight change. PSP sales jumped up, PlayStation 3 sales dropped down and the two platforms switched positions from the week prior.

With PSP games and PS3 games selling well, sometimes better than their Nintendo DS and Wii rivals, it's not much of a surprise to see Sony's current generation platforms reaping the benefits of a larger install base. With Final Fantasy XIII due to hit the PS3 in Japan in less than a month, expect those increases to continue.

This is Japan's bestselling hardware for the week of November 9 to 15, courtesy of Media Create.

  • PSP - 38,770
  • PlayStation 3 - 38,498
  • Nintendo DSi - 33,749
  • Wii - 26,764
  • PSP go - 6,427
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 5,036
  • Xbox 360 - 4,124
  • PlayStation 2 - 2,031


    WOW i mean even PS2 is selling well. I remembered it dropped to 1,000 i think and now its ABOVE 2,000.

    Any reason why PSP is doing so well. I understand their was a MINOR price drop but surely thats settled down by now. What new games are being released to give it such dominance against the DS?

    Being a more 360 fan - i can proudly say - i am so proud of Sony. For a moment, we all thought they were doomed. But best comeback ever!!

    Even though the DSi is still selling very well, perhaps these Japs are so keen for that DSi LL with only a larger screen that they're backing off a little on upgrading.

      Only the dumbasses that never touched a PS3 thought it was doomed. The moment I set my eyes on the first Uncharted, I knew the PS3 had alot more aces up its sleeve.

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