PlayTV Gets Dated For Australia [Updated]

Sony has announced that PlayTV will finally launch in Australia on November 26 at a recommended retail price of $169.95. PlayTV is a box that adds PVR and HD digital TV tuner functionality to your PS3.

It's been a long time since we first heard rumours of a late 2008 launch and nearly as long since it really did launch in Europe. But Sony told us at the start of 2009 that we'd see PlayTV by the end of the year, and they've delivered... just in time.

PlayTV lets you watch, pause and record free-to-air TV, even while you're playing a PS3 game. You can also use it in conjunction with your PSP to watch TV remotely. PlayStation Australia boss Michael Ephraim reckons it's a "must-have for every Australian family."

“PlayTV further extends the broad entertainment credentials of PS3,” says Ephraim.

“PS3 already provides the best High Definition gaming, Blu-ray Disc movie playback, VidZone music video streaming, video, photo album, web browsing and PlayStation Network content. With the introduction of PlayTV’s state of the art TV tuner and PVR functionality, PS3 continues to be the best choice for the home entertainment needs of the Australian family.”

PS3 owners, are you interested in picking up a PlayTV box?

Kotaku AU NZ Note: Quick update for our New Zealand readers. Sony has confirmed PlayTV will not be launching in NZ this year. A Sony spokesperson told us: "PlayTV will not be launching in New Zealand in 2009. We understand that there is a lot of anticipation for the domestic arrival of PlayTV, and we are working hard to make it a reality for PlayStation 3 users in New Zealand in the future. Sony Computer Entertainment NZ will advise of further developments and announcements in 2010."


    Nice!! Not sure how well it works, but in theory this will be a great buy for my theatre room. Only wish logitech would bring out a harmony remote with bluetooth control, kinda seems gay starting movies and channel surfing with a controller. YES I know there is an official ps3 remote, but I'm hoping/waiting for an all in one unit.....

      they have released a usb ir receiver that will allow full function with the ps3. not sure of name etc but you should be able to find it pretty easy. It has also been released in aus. i know dicksmith had it on sale about a month ago.

        Yeah, I know that one too, I have it, tried it, but was annoyed that you couldn't turn the unit on or off with it. A later firmware ps3 update allowed you to turn off the console via the XMB, but as yet the IR won't work unless the ps3 is on already. I know I'm being lazy to not turn the unit on, I just want an all in one controller which does it all as I hardly game on my ps3, its mainly used for media duties from my computer. But thanks anyway, others may not have known about it! :)

      You can control the ps3 from your harmony,en

      I like how Kotaku run stories about how homophobic speech is fundamentally negative and it's widespread use amongst gamers needs to be addressed, but then approve comments in which something crap is described as something that "kinda seems gay".

    About Time seam like I've been waiting for Ever... though I have a friend of mine picking one up from the UK who will land in Australia November 23 so sorry Sony to late

    Don't have a HDD recorder and was actually looking to buy this a few years ago, then forgot about it when it didn't come out in aus.

    Gonna pick it up, not right now, but gonna pick it up.

      Same... currently in a position where we don't even have a VHS Recorder!!!

      So this will certainly be sufficient for me when I want to record something...

        Exactly the same position, was considering picking up a DVR but this will do just fine.

        Though a few stupid questions:

        Does it records HD content aswell (in HD ofcourse)?

          I got one of these for free when they launched in the UK and I've used it once. I taped the Superbowl in HD and the four hour broadcast took up 30GB of my available space! Lucky I had upgraded to a 160GB HDD.

          I found there were problems with the audio dropping out every few seconds, more than usual with my TV connection at the time (audio used to drop out once a program for a few seconds).

    Does it work through your internet connection or grabs the the TV signals from an antenna? Hopefully it's through the net because my reception sucks.

      Dont know much about it yet, but I'm 99% sure you plug in a standard rf antannae cable, certainly looks like one on the pic above....

    @yoguart Grabs TV signals you plug your Ariel into it. Hence the round hole on the right hand side

    heard on whirlpool that it doesn't have commercial skipping ('cause of freeview)?

      Saw that on Screenplay. This was a must buy for me as I have been holding out on getting a PVR for this but now I'm not too sure.

      They are gimping on of the selling points so they can put the bloody "freeview" sticker on it.

      I think I'll wait and see.

    This is great news since I've been waiting 18 months for it to come out. I will be annoyed though if the UK version's SBS issue is resolved by a firmware upgrade cause that will mean that I should have imported one ages ago

    Ca I ask why it wasn't built in to the new PS3?

      Because the whole point of the PS3 Slim was to drive costs down and thus drive the retail price down too.

    Actually, in prep for this I need some help.

    I've only got the meagre 40gb hdd in my ps3, so I'm gonna need to upgrade that ASAP now. Whats the best way to avoid having to redownload everything again, I'd love to just copy everything over to the new drive, but I understand it must be formatted once installed, so whats the process here?

      The ps3 has a back up function. So just plug in an external HDD, hit the back up function. It'll automatically copy everything from the ps3's HDD to the external HDD.

      Once that is done, swap in your new HDD. Switch the ps3 on, let it format. Plug in the external HDD go back to the back up function, and it'll find the folder in the external HDD and automatically copy it all back on.

      It's pretty easy, I upgraded mine to 320gb this year. there's heaps of tutorials online too.

      You're going to need a new 2.5" SATA for your PS3, an external drive with at least 40gb of free space to back up your current data and some good tiny Philip's head screw drivers (I stripped the heads of the screws in my old phat PS3 and it was a nightmare getting the caddy out).

      Finally, you need this:

      Just Do a backup of the data on to an external USB Drive formated to the Fat32 Standard. When new drive installed restore Backup

      When I swapped my 40GB for a 500GB had no issues at all...

        Thanks all for the tips :) Now I need a cheap hdd caddy to usb-erize one of my old spare drives, and pick up a cheap, big 2.5 one :) Super excited!

    Oh hell yeah, about time.
    I upgraded my PS3 HDD to a 500GB drive just for this :)

    my brother bought one from Europe for his ps3 and he is having trouble with playing back recorded HD content (it stutters), any thoughts as to why this might be?

    otherwise everything else works as it should.

    Excellent! I'll be getting one of these ASAP. Save me a huge chunk of money when compared agaisnt a dedicated recorder like the TIVO.

    Now if only Sony/Logitech could fix the bug with the harmony remote PS3 adapter and the PS3Slim (usign the remote adapter forces your official sony controllers offline! lol).

    I imported on ages ago, and apart from the no SBS thing, its been great. That has been fixed with the firmware update, but has lost ad skip and slowed the FF from 120 to 30 (from memory). It is still great though and hopefully it appears well under RRP, otherwise importing from the UK is still a good option.

    The GUI and EPG is very user friendly, and it comes with a stick on overlay for the PS3 BT remote.

    Meh... At the moment $169.95 seems a bit much. Maybe when Sony drops the price in a year or so.

    thats alot of dough for a 'dongle' but its less than a HD set top box with recorder. I think I will be picking on up as I stopped watching tv years ago.


    i got mine from the UK a few months back for AUS$100. $170 bucks is a rip

    Will it allow us to copy the recorded files to pc to help keep a permant back up while clearing space off the ps3? Just that I currently have a pc set up as a media centre, and if this feature is possible with this add-on? If so, ps3 is definatly going to be my next purchase

      There's a feature to copy recordings out of PlayTV onto the XMB but it's now officially removed to comply with Freeview.

      However, read Whirlpool's FAQ

        dam, that sucks. No one seems to have figured out a work around yet as far as i can tell. Why does it have to be freiview complient just wondering?

          and now i feel like an idiot. Just read the work around on that same page, but lack of transfering files over 4gb is annoying :(

    Will it ever come to New Zealand?

    I've used a friend's UK PlayTV and it's quite nice. Too bad we have to pay the "Australia" tax though :(

    I wonder whether the Aussie software will run on a UK PlayTV...?

    Pre-ordered at I'll be getting one for sure. Bob at the Sony store in Brisbane was more then helpful, even ran through HDD upgrading

    Was really excited about this concept, but seeing as my PS3 has died on me twice in the 3 years I've owned it from playing it too long (despite it being on top of a bench with full ventilation), I'd be wary about using play tv like how you use tivo or foxtel iq, i.e. having the Ps3 on all the time I watch tv..

    Plus, if my wife works out how to use it my XMB will be full of Private Practice and Home & Away.. I can't do that to the awesome black box..

    This might be a noob question. But does this mean we need to turn on the ps3 and use PlayTV everytime to watch tv?

    While it's a nifty piece of kit, pointless for me since it's a lot faster just to get what I want to watch from the internet (good ol' DVI out to the TV!).

    The PSP functionality would fulfil the age-old dreams of watching tellie on the toliet, though...

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