Pre-Load Your L4D2 — Because It's More Than 6 Gigs

Left 4 Dead 2's feeling kind of left out in all this advance game-havin' madness. So for those who've ordered it on Steam, remember you can pre-load the sucker and let it sit on your hard drive until Nov. 17.

The option to pre-load became active on Friday. Why would you want to do this? Well the download is 6.37GB, which is an overnight download (Or three days in Australian bandwidth - AU Ed.). Clearly, doing so now means you don't have to spend a ton of time waiting on a download on release date, when the rest of normal society is bumrushing the servers, too. Of course, the rest of normal society could be bumrushing the servers now, how should I know.

If you haven't ordered it yet, remember it's 10 percent off via Steam. And you get Bill's hat for Team Fortress 2.

Left 4 Dead 2 Pre-Loading On Steam, Content-Server Death Imminent [VE3D and many other sites]


    Barely took 2 hours

    That's one of the things I dislike with Steam- it doesn't tell you how big the bloody download will be. Dragon Age was 15gb!!! Fortunately Steam pretty much maximises my 8mbps connection on a good day...

      I experienced this when buying The Witcher during its 50% off sale the other week. Paid for it and then discovered it is 14GB. Still haven't started the download...

    Kotaku should now support the buying of the aussie version... in protest we must import

      If only that won't get us into all sort of legal issues...

    Yeah love me cable - didn't take long to dl at all.

    This pre-loading idea was brilliant, I don't know how any of us could live without it.

    Since it's been a few days since L4D2 was available for download, I'm assuming most of the people have pre-loaded the game, and it's safe for us to do so.

    The game files take up 6.13GB but it only actually takes about 4.68GB to pre-load the game. Also don't believe what the steam bandwidth monitor tells you, use a firewall/third party program or your ISPs data usage to work out how much you've downloaded. Those whose ISPs have steam content servers can get the files unmetered.

    Looks like my suspicion that this game is a direct console port has been proven then.

    The field of vision was a giveaway, now that the game pretty much fits on a dvd exactly is final proof.

      Because Valve totally puts the 360 over the PC.

    the fact that you have to buy the game then spend the money it cost and time it takes to download this shit is the reason i only buy it in stores. if someone could make it easier i might change my ways.

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