Preorder Bonus Puts L4D Headwear In Team Fortress 2

"For the first time in history," writes the TF2 Team, "two separate Valve universes collide!" If you pre-order Left 4 Dead 2, you get Bill's beret from Left 4 Dead to trick out your Team Fortress 2 guys.

The deal's of course restricted to pre-orders of the PC L4D2, Steam or retail. However, if you've already preordered the game, never fear. "Just fire up TF2 and you'll find the hat in your next game," the ad states.

For the record, Valve offers this defence of shamelessly rending two continuities asunder just to make a fast buck:

Lest you think this is just some marketing gimmick, here's the intricate back-story justifying it: while conducting a science experiment on parallel dimensions, Bill's hat fell off a table into the Team Fortress universe.

Plausible. The hat preorder bonus accompanies a 10 percent discount, too.

Pre-Order Giveaway Madness! [TF2 Official Blog]


    Will Australians get the hat censored?

      It will cause TF2 to loose all it blood effects etc.....

    Yes, because no science or parallel universes can withstand the power of Australia's censorship laws.

      "Science is for those that do not believe in Religion"

        That's not true, there are plenty of scientists that are also relgious. Einstien, for example, belived in God

          believing in god is not the same as being religious.

        I think it's fairly obvious we have a bunch of religious zealots at the OFLC.

        I don't know who that quote is by, but its retarded..

        The very nature of science does not require any form of 'belief'.. science is purely about facts..

        Religion on the other hand is about faith and believing in what cannot be seen..

        So a more fair statement would be that religion is for those who don't understand science..

        That said a new TF2 hat can only be a good thing!

    pre order left 4 dead 2 and get an item from left 4 dead 1 to use in team fortress 2


    So i got this hat today, despite having my L4D2 pre-order cancelled a few days ago... go figure

    It's a shame I cant register my US copy pre-order...

    Willing to bet this is the least steam pre-ordered game in this country ever.

    Does anyone know why the L4D2 Demo has been hit with what appears to be sizable update? (Approx 500MB, haven't finished downloading it yet)

      no, i'll ask around, but post the changes here. id love to know if it has something to do with 500mb of gore....

      Turned out to be about 614MB, but nothing looks different.

      Oh, except now whenever I reach the first safe house the game crashes.

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