PS3 Gets Yet Another Bundle With PlayTV

playtv boxshotWith the release yesterday of PlayTV, the digital TV tuner and personal video recorder accessory for the PS3, Sony has yet another console bundle available.

While PlayTV can be picked up on its own for $169.95, if you don't already have a PS3 then you can get it packed in with the 250GB PS3 console for the standard RRP of $599.

The new bundle will sit alongside the existing deals that let you choose either Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time or EyePet with your 250GB console.


    But... but, aren't our PlayStation 3's already plugged in to a television?

      Yes, but this allows you to use your ps3 to record tv programs. You can also pause and rewind live TV with it. It allows you to use your ps3 as a DVR.

    If you buy it from JB, you'll also get a HDMI cable and Assassin's Creed:

    Great deal. Now to find the "best" price for this. Any suggestions?

    250gb ps3 slim + play tv for $599 is a really good deal!

    i wish it was out when i got my 120gb with little big planet for $499 :(

    Just a quick note on the pricing stated in this article, for those that are interested, Big W has PlayTV listed for $148.84.

    Where are the Uncharted deals? I'm looking to pick up a PS3 but I all the bundles I've seen have lame stuff like Sonic, Bond or Megadrive collection. There has to be a decent bundle out there!

    I got it for $148 yesterday from Dick Smiths as they're price matching EB and Game who apparently have it for that price.
    JB is lame and has it for RRP :(

      I don't get these sorts of comments, I mean, I'm pretty sure all the stores you list price match, the only time one place having stupid prices really matters is when EB get exclusive stuff like Assassin's Creed Black Edition, generally though, you can get the game, or even pre-order it with a price match to whoever is cheapest.

    $169 is still too pricy in my eye. How much is it if I import one? Better still, if I did import one, would it work on my PAL PS3.

      Haven't done it myself, but by all accounts, yes it will work.

      Check for more info.

      You can import it from anywhere between $100AU-$130AU. The hardware you get is exactly the same as the UK version. The only difference is the software, but even then it's just a matter of version.

      The advantage of buying in Australia is simply warranty and the fact that it comes bundled with software will will instantly work in AUS. If you inport it, it will need to be updated to version 1.21 before it's compliant, but even then I think some features will still work depending on where you are.

      For $148 I think it's worth just grabbing it here, especially warranty-wise.

    GAME have 250gigs for $588 with PlayTV (or R&C or Uncharted 2 or EyePet) plus hdmi cable plus another game.
    Not sure if playtv or uncharted is the better deal..


    Is Kotaku not reviewing the PlayTV?

    Dick Smith have a bundle too...$588 250gb ps3, play tv and blu ray remote :D

    hai guys david can u tell me wat store that deal is? coz it sounds aight. ty and also wat riavan said, can u answer that to me to, can playtv record austar etc.

    Hi i know that this kind of doesnt go under this catagory but i didnt know were else to go my play tv doesnt let me copy my videos i have recorded to my xmb bar i have spent hours trying to figure out how to get it to work i have see videos on youtube of people doing it so i know its posible i want to be able to put my recordings on to my external harddrive if anyone could help that would be great thanks nicholas

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