PS3 Greatest Hits Get A Facelift

Like the console's appearance, logo and full-price game boxes, the PS3's line of budget titles — the Greatest Hits range — has also had a bit of a face-lift recently.

It's nothing drastic, but those long put off by the "cheap" appearance of the line on both the PS2 and (til now) PS3 should appreciate the classier design.


    Luke, does this mean the 'Platnium' range in Australia, will be replaced with the 'Greatest Hits' range?

    I hope so! That yellow all over the box is filthy! The red doesn't look too bad.

    omg make up their mind. its like Sony are only NOW getting it right. As if the last 3 years don't count.

    embarrassing really.

    i liked the old Playstation 3 box covers.
    Look better than the gay PS3 cover

    These covers are SO MUCH BETTER than the silver and yellow crud!!! But they also need to bring back the spiderman font!

    They need to bring back the spine PLAYSTATION 3 one. That looked 9001 x cooler

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