PS3 Lawsuits Upgraded To Version 3.01

Two men, from Texas and Iowa, are launching a class-action lawsuit against Sony after their PS3 consoles were bricked during a recent firmware update.

One console was broken upgrading to firmware 3.0, the other installing 3.1. Both claim that upon contacting Sony's customer support, they were told the machine failures were "coincidental", and that to fix the console they'd need to pony up a $US150 repair charge.

The sexiest part of the suit reads:

Defendant's unlawful, unfair, and fraudulent business practices include, but are not limited to, misrepresentations regarding the fitness of the PS3 and software updates, failing to disclose defects in the system and software updates, and refusing to repair PS3 systems free of charge.

The pair have listed every PS3 owner in the US on the suit, and are seeking from Sony "unspecified damages and restitution".

Sony sued over PS3 firmware update problems [GameSpot]


    Heh, if only someone did this to MS and the RRoD.

      Uh, yeah :)

      add me in on this my console bricked on the 2.8 firmware upgrade which was enforced as i had 2.6 at the time

      aat least the new Slim which i purchased since have an ability to install firmware again if the install fails(which is what causes the brick to the console)

        my fat ps3's firmware failed during the upgrade to 3.0, but it managed to recover itself... that was a tense few minutes hehe

    Has someone tried to sue Nintendo for their update bricking?

    Someone should sue Sony for not disclosing its numerous multimedia limitations when they're selling their machine as a multimedia powerhouse. They wouldn't even be hard problems to fix.

    I love how it's our fault their software broke our machines. Especially since they force the software on us if we want to use something we pay for...

    how can i join the protest against sony my ps3 screwed up when i upgraded to 3.1 firmware and now i cant play any ps1 and like half of my ps2 games that were working fine b4 i updated my ps3 wtf sony help please sony says its going to cost me $250Au to get it fixed

    Is their actually no way of fixing the PS3 issue even if it means voiding the warranty?

    I would rather void than pay the $150 or MORE for us Aussies. - A place to list your bricked PS3.

    what does bricked mean does it mean that ps3 cant load up games or is my ps3 disc drive screwed up it plays most ps3 games but no ps1 games and only some ps2 games and all my ps2 data has gone and it only happened when i updated my ps3 to firmware 3.1 it is a fat 60gb pal ps3 i looked at some internet pages and called up sony and they said it would cost $150-$250 AU this is the second time my ps3 has screwed up this yea i love my ps3 but its just getting to expensive to keep it please can someone help

    My son just downloaded 3.01 update on Sony PS3 slim now it is inoperable. He cannot get a picture at all. I read where there were issues with this update. It is still under manufacturers warranty and could be shipped back for a new one. Anyone else have this problem? Is there any kind of fix or just send it back? This is frustrating since it is only 2 weeks old and ran perfect before he did this. It is a SATA drive (120 GB 5400 rpm) so maybe replacing this would possibly get the system back in working order? I am for sending it back since it is under warranty. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

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