PSP Comics Service Dated, Priced (For Japan)

Sony Japan today announced the final launch plans for the PlayStation Portable's comic service, whereby a range of manga will be made available to PSP owners in Japan.

There'll be a PSP firmware update on the 19th to 6.20, which will add the comics store ahead of the service's launch a few weeks later on December 10.

Individual issues will cost between ¥50-150 (USD$0.55-$1.70), while collections will run for the uniform price of ¥420 (USD$4.70).


    I see from that picture the titles include; evangelion, shuffle, shaka no shana, detective conan, full metal alchemist and Bleach as well as a few others I can't make out. Would be nice if we could get a list of the different titles available when it launches.

      You missed the ever popular Crayon Shin-chan and I believe you meant Shakugan no Shana.

    Hmm I have 2 bits of feedback for them

    1) Get this happening for Australia
    2) Get Batman damnit!

    Hahaha, get this in Australia, thats funny. Australia is going to be the last place on the globe that gets this, if we even get this at all.

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