Rare Hopes To Evolve The FPS Genre With Project Natal

Banjo Kazooie and Viva Pinata developer Rare has made some important contributions to the first-person shooter genre, a space it hasn't visited since Perfect Dark Zero hit the Xbox 360 in 2005. That may change, thanks to Project Natal.

Rare's Mark Betteridge tells MCV, as part of a feature on the first-person shooter, that the company's "sights are trained on Natal". Betteridge calls the Xbox 360's motion and voice controller a "a great opportunity to break new ground with content and gameplay".

Rare has been said by owner Microsoft to be "intimately involved with Project Natal in a number of different dimensions," according to soon to be ex-Microsoft VP Shane Kim. The developer was reported to be staffing up in anticipation of the Natal launch in 2010. Hopefully, that will help give them the identity that Peter Molyneux thinks they so desperately need.

"[Project Natal is]also an opportunity to exercise some genre evolution," Betteridge says, "so hopefully we'll be able to develop something on that front."

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If the answer is a first person shooter/boxing game based on the adventures of Killer Instinct's T.J. Combo, than it sounds like we are.

Shoot to thrill [MCV]


    Hurry up and do *SOMETHING* Rare? You've been (and done) nothing ever since Nintendo sold you off..

      I agree with you! Rare should do something incredible like they did with Nintendo.

      They made the 360 Avatars? .... -cough-

    I've been a Rare fanboy since the 64 days, but I seriously can't see Rare doing anything amazing these days. They still produce good games, but the greatness is long gone.

    I highly doubt Natal could bring much to the FPS table besides lowering the controlling standard even more or bring some cheap gimmicks to the table, an FPS doesn't require a change, this will be like the change from mouse & keyboard to controller, a downgrade.

    Bring back British accent short-haried brunette Joanna Dark.. I don't like this slutty looking American red haired one

    rare, when are you going to make a new donkey kong game :)

    I'm just interested in how an fps with natal would work. Do you point your finger at the screen and yell "BANG!"?

    The things you'll see will be on the lines of using a controller, but when you lean to the side physically you look around corners type thing. I think if they can get it to work (and have it available to be disabled for those who oppose change) then it'll be awesome.

    Actually, I'm hoping it'll work reliably - pointing your finger at the screen in dodgy lighting conditions may prove to be a bit hard to track reliably. It may be better than the aiming in Red Steel, but that isnt the stuff of clans and tournaments really, is it :(

    I fail to see how Natal will work with a FPS..... it all sounds more gimmiky than the wiimotes

    I'm still not sold on motion controllers. I'm sure there's some really cool stuff people can do with Natal/PS3 Eye/PS3 Wand, but how many people REALLY want to be flailing their arms around when playing games? Give me a controller with buttons any day.

    Motion control is cool for short periods, but who wants tos it down for hours at a time pretending to hold a gun, or dodging from side to side?

    i want another Banjo-Kazooie game! but one closer to its roots, i didn't like nuts&bolts at all.

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