Reader Review: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Mobilized

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This review was submitted by Ben Latimore. If you’ve played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized, or just want to ask Ben more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized (DS)

The third installment of the DS Call of Duty ports. You're looking for what appears to be a nuclear device. But can the DS withstand Mobilized?


Technical Impossibility: The size of the levels, the amount of people on screen and the 3D models all being run at the same time throughout the game is a marvel for the Nintendo DS.

Loads of Content: There's several bonus modes, challenges, and collectibles throughout Mobilized. Finding and beating each one will take hours of your time.


Low-Poly Perspective: While the technical prowess of Mobilized is commendable on every level, we have to draw attention to the actual models and textures. Basically, they look pretty bad. They do their job, but not very well.

Hand-Breaking Controls: For most of the people playing Mobilized, this is gonna hurt. After a level or two, your hand will be hurting. Be sure to take regular breaks.

You Might Never Play Multiplayer: Multiplayer, while good and balanced, is hard to actually get into it over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and without five other players with five other DS consoles and cards, you're not going to get the full multiplayer experience.

While the DS version of Call of Duty delivers gameplay wise, there are always a few niggles to deal with here and there, but never anything game-breaking. If you can look over the faults of this game, you can enjoy a half-decent DS shooter experience.

Reviewed by: Ben Latimore

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    I just finished this game the other night.
    I think one of the reviews on the us.kotaku mentioned it was more like Modern Warfare: Handcramps, I totally agreed, but also would've put up Modern Warfare: Motion Sickness.
    The fact that I was used to a decently large Widescreen and Quake Live as of recent didn't really help either (the stylus sensitivity at default was too low, then I made it too high, then I found a balance.) That bit of sickness wore off after the first 3 or 4 missions, but I was still a bit wary.

    As for the graphics, it was pretty good, however it's practically the same as the previous CoDs on the DS. They took a step up with having to be on the helicopter, but that's all I really find distinctive.

    I was happy that my favourite weapon (P90) made it's way into this game, after not having it for the previous installments.

    As for the collectables, I'm still 2 down, and I searched basically the whole map three times over trying to find that one I missed.

    And for the challenges, I can't get past the first one, 25 kills is basically killing every opponent with the crappy weapon you get (I also find accuracy a bitch) within the time limit without dieing, and there's always the movement mapping of your "teammates" which can block your plan of moving out of range to reload, there's usually one of your "teammates" who would most likely go down behind you, and you can't move backwards out of fire, so you die and you have to restart the challenge again!

    I see more bad than good here, but it's playable.


      Motion Sickness. Lol. But yes, you make a point there.

      The graphics: I see an improvement over the past two (which I own), but it isn't THAT noticeable, yes.

      Someone else who loves the P90. Awesome.

      Collectables - yeah, they are hard to find, aren't they? Takes a lot of backtracking.

      And the challenges are a bit of a hard bastard, especially with your teammates. I could do that challenge by myself a lot easier. I was crying when I first beat that hurt.

        I just got past the first challenge, the only things I really had to be careful of where I positioned myself and if my "teammates" are killing the enemies that would've been an easy shot for me.
        Another thing is, in an attempt to get the kills, I ran out of main weapon ammo before getting to that reloading crate, so I was using the pistol, which was much more enjoyable than that pesky rifle.

        Also, I find the "achievements" interesting too, since you unlock a weapons room once you've had at least one kill with every weapon (I unlocked the room during a challenge, I forgot that I never used that pistol when I had the MG)

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