Reader Review: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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This review was submitted by Andrew Burdusel. If you’ve played Uncharted 2, or just want to ask Andrew more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)

Naughty Dog's long-awaited sequel to its critically acclaimed 2007 action adventure is here and it's awesome.


Pace: The game has a perfect balance of shooting/platforming/puzzles and story. Unlike the last game you won’t be in the same place fighting waves of guys forever, the game is generally fast paced and you won’t stay anywhere for long.

Visuals: This game pushed the PS3 to its limits and it really shows, the graphics are some of the best for any video game on any system. From the jungles of Borneo to the wrecked city of Nepal, everything looks immaculate.

Story: The plot, characters and story in general feel like a big budget movie. All of the characters are likable. You will actually want to find out what happens next and who is backstabbing who. I rank this as one of the most entertaining storylines of any game I’ve played.

Polish: Naughty Dog definitely didn’t phone it in and rely on the success of the first game to sell this one. An extreme amount of detail has been put into the smaller things you will only notice after a few playthroughs. Nothing about this game feels rushed or unpolished.


Puzzles: Although the puzzles this time feel much more epic and generally better, the game simply doesn’t have enough of them.

Background: It can sometimes be difficult to determine what you can actually grab onto and what is just the background, this can sometimes leave you searching for a long time for that one brick or branch you were supposed to climb.

Overall Uncharted 2 outdoes its predecessor in every way and is a game every PS3 owner should have. It has lived up to the hype and then some. If you own a PS3 you should own this game plain and simple.

Reviewed by: Andrew Burdusel

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    Started playing U2:AT last night and I got a little annoyed at how many cutscenes are in the game's beginning. Every few steps or a leap and control was wrested away from me... I just wanted to get into the thick of it straight away!

    Definitely looking forward to the rest of the game though =)

      The game can definitely lay it on heavy at the start, but the payoff is worth it, the game wants you to get to know all the characters in the game, and to get right into the story itself. I personally think the story would have suffered had it been told through some in game text.

    Great review - I found that the "where's my next jump supposed to be" problem was greatly reduced from the original Uncharted though - in the original I'd spent a good 10 frustrating minutes in one area unable to continue and I didn't have that problem in U2.

    I was also impressed by the controls combined with the character animation - apart from the often troublesome issue of climbing a ladder (and not jumping at it and bouncing off).

    I'm on my second play-through at the moment on Hard and yep, I'm skipping all the movies :)

      For me the problem of not knowing where to go only came into play in the early jungle levels of Uncharted one, I think this “problem” in uncharted 2 really speaks volumes about the games graphics, rather than seeing that clear rockface or branch I need to grab onto the background and interactive environment is blended so well its pretty much impossible to tell them apart.

    Good review. I found the first Uncharted much more difficult. I remember having to replay areas with enemies over 15 times, whereas with U2, I could simply run up to people and knock them out, and the slow-mo gives you next to no reason not to counter them. I also did not like the hint system on U2. It often came out only after 1 or 2 failed attempts, even on normal difficulty. I know you can ignore it, but its just to tempting.

      Oh man, that slow-mo stuff, and the depth-of-field blur when you're attacking ... just adds such style and makes combat so much simpler.

      Same here, i found this to be much more easy than the first game. Mainly due to the fact that the enemies no longer seem to have spot on accuracy no matter how far away from them you are. That and the fact you wont just be fighting wave after wave of bad guys room after room.

      I know what you mean though, it sometimes feels a little patronizing to have the game show you where to go after the first attempt of if you haven’t advanced in like 2 or 3 mins, can you actually turn these hints off?.

      I finished U2 on normal my first time through and i found it to be easier than the first game on easy.

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