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This review was submitted by Sean Orr. If you’ve played Tekken 6, or just want to ask Sean more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Tekken 6 (PS3)

The much anticipated addition to the Tekken series is finally here, the first of this console generation, and it’s looking good.


Refinement: I’m yet to explore all the characters but my regulars and the older characters are much more refined, the moves are different, but they flow much better from one combo to another.

Customisation: There is a large selection of customisation options, though it’s not endless as the box says. If you ever decide to play the rather small scenario campaign, you can unlock a lot of gear for the character(s) you use most.

Visuals: The new pixel effects and player models look superb; it’s not crystal clear, but is still impressive.

Fighting Stages: The new breakable walls and floors are a great addition to the fight, and it may take some time to learn where they all are and what it takes to break them.


Load times: Yes, the wait to load a saved game at the start and to load each match and go back to the menu can be rather tedious, especially compared to previous Tekken games where load times were almost non-existent.

Campaign Lag: During random moments in the campaign you may experience a bit of lag; it may just slow down for a second or two, but it’s still annoying nonetheless.

So far Tekken 6 has been a superb addition to the franchise – the over-the-top story included. I’ll certainly enjoy playing against some mates.

Reviewed by: Sean Orr

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