Ready To Smash Up Cars In Super Street Fighter IV?

The upcoming SSFIV is bringing back the Street Fighter bonus stages of yore: car destruction.

The latest issue of Famitsu confirms the car-wrecking bonus stages in Super Street Fighter IV. There's also a barrel bonus stage, too.

Other details about the game include info about online play:

• Team Battle is from 2-on-2 up to 4-on-4. • Replay Channel allows players to watch match, well, replays. • Endless Battle allows up to eight players to compete in a knock-out tournament.

There are plans to include a "Tournament Mode" as an additional download.


    Welp... that settles it. I'm getting it now.

    I was on the fence. I have SFIV and I wasn't sure it was going to give me anything more, seeing I don't like T.Hawk. But this... car and barrel bonus stages back AND the team battle mode from Alpha 3? Hell. Yes.

    Bring back World Tour Mode! PLEASE

    Finally, something positive to say about the Super Street Fighter IV! Still not convinced that it's worth paying the launch price without some major changes to gameplay (which isn't going to happen), but I might actually pick it up when it drops to half-price now.

    I just got a boner, I hate modern cars, 50's - 90's ... ha ha !

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