Rebellion Vows Dedicated Servers For Alien Vs. Predator

You might recall last month that David Brickley, a Rebellion senior producer, was asked directly, three times, to confirm dedicated server support in Alien vs. Predator, and wouldn't say yes or no. The studio's chief now officially confirms its presence.

Speaking to, Jason Kingsley, the CEO, said:

Despite rumours, Rebellion has always been planning to support dedicated servers for Aliens vs Predator PC and we can now officially confirm that this is the case. Rebellion has always appreciated fan support. We're really looking forward to the release of Aliens vs Predator as much as you guys are!

I'm not sure the earlier report was "rumour" as much as it just left a question unanswered. Regardless, you can expect dedicated servers in this game if that's how you roll in multiplayer.

I am wondering, a little, if Rebellion waiting to see how much hell Infinity Ward would catch for its decision to drop dedicated servers in Modern Warfare 2, then DICE cashing in on the controversy by vowing dedicated server support, and decided the latter was their better marketing option. Dedicated Servers for Aliens vs. Predator [, thanks Warboy]


    They just ensured that this game will be played in the future, because we all know that the game will actually suck and only mods will make it worth playing.

    did you ever play the first two AVP games, plmko, because they certainly did not suck, and the fact that this game is being made by the same team, as well as what we have seen so far from trailers and hands-on previews, that this game will not suck either.

    Actually, i'm quite curious as to what led you to believe that this game was going to suck?

    On a more intelligent note, i find it kind of funny how PC games having dedicated servers has of late been listed as a 'big plus' for a game, when it should be a given. Fucking COD.

    an aliens/predator/space marine game with co-op and dedicated servers. Im sold
    preordering today and telling all my lan buddies,
    (hopefully it wont need the internet to play a local lan game too.)

    great news, but after seeing a few vids im getting the feeling this game might get banned and/or censored here in australia.

    Thank god! i own the last 2 AVP games for pc and im happy about this!

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