Remaking Commander Keen

With id showing no signs of reviving the Commander Keen IP anytime soon, a guy in New Zealand is taking it upon himself to remake the game, give it a more contemporary touch.

Laz, the creator, says the game is a "tribute", but as fans of the little Cheesehead will instantly recognise, this is no tribute. It's a remake in the vein of Bionic Commando Rearmed, and that is a good, good thing.

Now, bear in mind this is just one guy. Working alone, without the support/blessing of id. So even if it's not shut down by the rightful owners of the IP, it may/will probably never see the light of day in playable form.

But hey, even if it doesn't, be thankful for this awesome art, and for the daydreams it's inspired of what could be.

Below are some early, early clips. They're early! So be kind.

Commander Keen - 2D Platformer with an extra D thrown in [NZCGI]


    Meh, rather play the originals...

    I think the origional was the first game I owned... man so many good hours.

    *drooool* I hope this gets somewhere. Who knows, he might get a call from id asking him to come work with them to make it a reality. I mean as long as we're daydreaming... and dreams do occasionally come true, right?

      True, and if dreams do come true, it would be cool to see Keen Dreams: Commander Keen Meets the Meats :).

    Freaking awesome!!! Keen Enters The Shadowlands...

    Haha.. Bring on the Bean With Bacon MegaRocket!!

    CK4 Was the best by far!

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