Report: Activision Sets Up Third Call Of Duty Team

Having two teams dedicated to annual output of Activision's Call of Duty franchise may not be enough for the publisher. A report from the LA Times says that a third team is now tasked with Call of Duty development duties.

While the news outlet doesn't name the studio responsible for providing gamers with even more of the Call of Duty that they clearly crave, having a third team dedicated to pumping out future iterations could mean any number of things.

One possibility could give current Call of Duty developers Treyarch and Infinity Ward more time to produce entries in the core series, offering them a three year development cycle instead of the two year turnaround time in place now. Another is semi-annual releases, which may be pushing it.

Or, this third team could be focused on a different Call of Duty model. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has publicly expressed this thoughts on a massively multiplayer online take on the series. Activision CFO Tom Tippl has also teased "additional online monetisation models" for the Call of Duty brand.

Activision already has a handful of other developers working on Call of Duty content, including Nintendo DS developer n-Space, responsible for three portable entries, and multiplayer map specialists Certain Affinity, who helped Treyarch out with Call of Duty: World At War.

Or perhaps Activision has its newest studio, the recently announced Sledgehammer Games at work on a Call of Duty title. The ex-Dead Space developers could take the franchise in a more futuristic direction, if they dare.

We've reached out to Activision to see if they'd like to comment on the LA Times report, but have not yet heard back.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 video game gets Hollywood-scale launch [LA Times]


    anything more than 1 a year would be stupid. Activision have already milked the sh*t out of guitar hero and its made me sick of the series.
    hopefully this doesnt happen to COD.

      Apparently that's what they want to do. A CoD/MW game a year.

    Activision are the new EA.

      activision have always done this. just look at tony hawk series of old. that's what they and EA always do, that is why they have both survived for so long.

      i think MW2 was dissapointing for a lot of people (me included) and come March there will be a lot of Bad company converts. BUT the average non-gaming-blog reader will still hand over their money for this [email protected] year after year.

    IW probably want to spin off from COD and its associated branding and build a separate Modern Warfare brand.

    Activision are happy because they still have a yearly COD, but on top of that they get a new franchise to exploit in Modern Warfare.

    A FPS MMO is the golden goose they are chasing, though the above strategy would cost them little and increase their cash flow so I think they would be exploring both.

    So two teams to manage a CoD game every year, and probably the third for the "Modern Warfare" part of the game?

    It looks like It's going to be milked more than Microsoft milking Halo.


    It's so they can make Call of Duty: Future Warfare where Soap, Ghost & Roach come back as cyborgs. It leaves IW free to keep making modern day iterations and godamn Treyarch free to keep raping WW2.

    Umm did anyone think it would be a studio dedicated to Wii ports or DS/PSP games. But anyway...

    The funniest thing is, the COD series are actually decent games. IMO they don't suck at all. And as long as they're selling they're going to keep coming. And if you whinge, then why do you keep buying and playing them?

    Last i heard, World at War has sold over 11 million copies - WW2 obviously still works and is as big of a game as COD4. So i don't believe Treyarch will do a MW2 and if so, call it Modern Warfare.

    I hear he's making a CoD fast food chain & Theme Park.

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