Report: Xbox Live Bannings Upwards Of One Million

Microsoft's ban hammer may have whacked as many as one million Xbox 360 owners following a new wave of cracking down on modified consoles.

That figure comes from InformationWeek who reports on the bans that effectively lock out consoles, not just Xbox Live gamertags, from playing games online.

1 Million Xbox Live Players Banned [IW]


    Perhaps not the best idea. Pirates don't just pirate exclusively, they still purchase games and downloadable content/XBLA games. The latest wave of bans don't just lock out consoles from accessing Live, they also remove functionality that is independent from Live. You can't install games to the HDD and your profile and game saves are corrupted. One million customers are still one million customers, you're just discouraging them from buying the few games that they would actually legitimately purchase. I've got a feeling this is going to be the catalyst for the development of PSP-style CFW and the cracking of the 360's signed content.

    Also, my sympathies go to any poor souls who were caught up in the mass of false positives or anyone who flashed their console so that they could play legitimate backups of their own games (and I'm sure there are plenty of these people considering there have been a multitude of government and media-sponsored investigations into the 360's habit of scratching games).

    The comments on that linked article are quite extreme. With one guy claiming that no one mods there console to play pirated games and everyone does it to play backups.

    I've heard some people talking about hard drives being locked out too. Not sure if thats true thou.

      Well, I'm sure it's not true that "nobody" modifies their console to play pirated games. Use of backups, even when the original game is owned, might not be legally defensible either.

      However...console modifications can be used to circumvent the practice of regional price discrimination (charging different prices for the same product in different regions), by allowing consoles to play games and movies from “locked out” regions.

      Many owners of modified consoles use them purely for importing games and movies at a cheaper price from other regions and playing them on their locally purchased console. This use is legitimate and legal in Australia and several other countries.

      Microsoft may have serious legal troubles coming their way for indiscriminately banning modified consoles.

        I dont think MS has any legal issues on its plate as i would guess the EULA is violated by modifing the console...

          I think that's precisely the issue as these recent bannings go far behind the EULA you agree to when signing up for Xbox Live.

            I am not savvy with this type of law but basically, backing up games is the same as illegal download of movies, music, etc and other copyrighted material.

            Say the people in this country that got banned I doubt they would have a case to contest what was happened as I guess it could turn back on them and if it was proven they would be found to be breaching copyright laws anyway... even tho the EULA (international??) I am 99.9999999% sure its still a breach of copyright unless u physically own (not a friend) a copy of what you have "backed up" and considering like the fines and all thats out there for other offences i think getting ur gamertag messed up, and a $300 - $400 console locked is very small compared to what u can get per offence (backed up game)

    There shouldn't be any legal issues with microsoft. When you use the console online and play it's games you agree to be bound by the EULA. Yes EULA's are retarded and they can't do anything to you, but they stop the company being liable for anything they do in regards to the use of your product.

    Personally i'm glad they got banned and i'd expect Sony to do the same. Piracy is piracy plain and simple there is NO grey area at all, if you can't afford a game too damn bad go without. I work hard for my money and purchase games when i can and although some of these guys may purchase content the legit way they still deserve it.

    wow more than 1 million and im sure theres still heaps more that havnt been banned yet.

    and who said PC piracy is a problem haha

    If people are going to go breaking the rules Microsoft have set in place, and the EULA is there, anything the users get from modding their consoles is deserved.

    Kudos to MS on this one. From everything I've heard (and experienced) regarding their support/enforcement team, they do an awesome job of actually communicating directly with genuine customers who have problems. They also don't take action unless they're sure of a protocol breach.

    As a paying customer who has never pirated a game - good on 'em.

    I have the major 3 (and the ps2 from last gen) and im putting my hands up in saying ive soft modded my Wii to play homebrew games with the Homebrew channel, though it cant play copies.

    I have a mixed feeling for Piracy, I detest all who copy games and play bootlegs or backups of their own or friends games, but im a huge supporter for Homebrew apps and games, (Wii specifically). I think ive clocked as many hours listening to the user created online radio through my Dolby 5.1's as i have Super Smashing people on Brawl, and ive played as many hours of Quake on my Wii than i have on the original PC.

    Yep Modded my console....Yep got banned!!
    Basically Modded mine so I could play stuff that isnt available in this country(import..yeah yeah i hear you)and I travel alot so I would take backups of my collection away, leaving my originals(which i cherish) safe and sound at home.
    I own 116 yes thats one hundred and sixteen store bought fully legit 360 games!!! so nobody can tell me I dont support this industry.
    I broke the EULA and I will take my medicine but I no longer can use live so MS will no longer get any $79.95 12 month subscriptions from me. Times this by even half of the supposed 1 million(more likely more) and that equals a rather large shot in the foot to MS in lost revenue.
    Piracy is Bad, no doubt but some of us have a legit reason to do this to our consoles and I for one support this industry far more than most!!

    Ah well.. you break the rules and terms of XBL etc.. and you get punished. No sense in whinging or complaining about it.

    Guilty as CHARGED my friends...

    I however, will enjoy my time playing online! WOO HOO!

    some ppl are just making up lame excuses to look like innocent modders - there is no such thing as an 'innocent' modder ... lol

    btw, there is no reason you need to back up games ever since you could install them on the hdd to prevent disc wear.

    if you lose the disc, that is your own fault

    With the new-look PS3 looking to dominate this Christmas, all Microsoft needs now is for the owners of those banned consoles to go out and buy shiny new replacements just in time for those all important sales figures.

    Got banned.

    I am Guilty of Modding my Xbox 360, but in doing so i have tried out and then bought so many games that i would not even look at. Just because i pirate games does not mean that i don't buy games. All the games that i play on xbox live are originals.

    I also buy most of my games from play asia, so i needed a modded xbox to play them. i dont know how EB can charge the prices they do for there games.

    To all the people out there that say they have never pirated a xbox 360, Tell me that you have never pirated movies, music, TV shows, Porn, pc games etc
    You are probability using a pirated version of windows right now.

    In the end i am Guilty i deserve what i get.

    Any one want to buy a XBOX 360. Cheap.

    You people dealing the whole "they deserved it" card need to get off your high horses.

    Would you like a pat on the back for being so righteous that you actually pay huge multinational corporations for their over priced games?

    Maybe you should give that money to people who really need it if you're such a hero.

      the point however is that you cannot mod your consoles. no exceptions to this.

      just because you buy many games legitimately doesn't mean you can do something dodgy for 1-2 games

      that's just like saying you've never cheated on ur exams, but just this 1 time you cheated so you shouldn't be expelled or fail or w.e

      if u break a rule, u have to be aware of the consequences and any good u have done doesn't count for anything. if i murdered someone, but i saved 5 during my life im still gonna be charged with murder.

      just because games are overpriced doesnt mean u can steal them. i find many things in life to be overpriced, however i dont go stealing them.

        yeah i have a modded 360...but i only play 1 game online so if i get banned i wont too upset as my account has almost it stands modders are already testing a new firmware to get past this so all i have to do is stay offline until that comes out..Also this is my 4th 360 console...the first 3 died and my original xbox console also died; interesting though is that my PS..PS2...and PS3 all still work just fine. Bill Gates sold us Lemons and treats us poorly..Sony is about to reap the rewards

    zig_zag - well said.

    I know of someone who has done this for the whole time they have had their console and suggested I do the same but i'm not an extreme gamer, in all honesty i probably only pick up 3 - 4 games a year (as im selective) and for all the games I play (some better than others...and longer) i wouldnt even consider playing a "back up copy" as all the time effort and everything that goes through it all to produce it the studios, companys, workers etc deserve it

    If you got your console locked because of this get over it and do it the proper way.

    it is no different to real life, u mod ur car to specifications that are prohibited it gets defected, you cheat in exams, you cop the punishment, you steal from anywhere.. you cop the fine.

    Atleast everyone gets ripped off the same now! and remember "There are ALWAYS consequences!"

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