Resident Evil Director 'Circling' Castlevania, Metal Gear Movies

Castlevania? Thought that movie project was dead. Apparently not, and apparently Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil, Death Race, Mortal Kombat) is "waiting on a script." Oh, and he'd like to adapt Metal Gear Solid for the silver screen, too.

That is according to Jeremy Bolt, who is Anderson's co-producer on Resident Evil: Afterlife. Visiting that film's set, the site says it spoke to Bolt, who "told us this morning that Paul W.S. Anderson is still circling video game adaptation Castlevania at Rogue Pictures and that they are waiting on a script."

"Bolt added that he and Anderson would like to adapt Konami's Metal Gear Solid for the big screen at Columbia Pictures," added.

You can check out Paul W.S. Anderson's filmography here but he ain't no Bergman. Please note that none of this confirms Anderson has anything to do with the Metal Gear project. Paul W.S. Anderson Still Circling Castlevania []


    No. NO! NO! NO!

    Can somebody sedate him and ship him off to South America some place and get him addicted to Cocaine?

      you have the right idea
      you sir have won the internets for your brilliance

    I really hope that he gets rejected for MGS.

    I don't I could cope with yet another one of his terrible "adaptions".


    I actually think hes a great directer, and the first 2 resident evil movies paid great homage to the games.

    Just be glad he gets to them first before uwe boll.

    Although I do loath what the man did for the Resident Evil series, he's not bad as an action director. All the same though, I would like someone else to do Metal Gear. W.S. Anderson isn't exactly the most thoughtful filmmaker.

    Peter Berg wouldn't be so bad, after watching The Kingdom last night.

    Michael Bay or Peter Jackson for Metal Gear. It needs someone with excellent foresight, Plus they have to have Hideo Kojima as Executive Producer!

    "Michael Bay"

    no way man, while I may be one of the few that don't hate the guy, all his movies are nothing but explosions with an overlay filter of plot on top, NOT FOR METAL GEAR

    Tapping into the twilight craze no doubt.

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