Return To Ostagar With New Dragon Age DLC

Return to the scene of the the Grey Wardens' darkest hour in Return to Ostagar, a new downloadable content pack for Dragon Age: Origins, due out this Christmas for all three platforms.

At the beginning of Dragon Age: Origins, a battle between the forces of good and evil at Ostagar leave the Grey Wardens nearly extinct and young King Cailan seriously dead. In Return to Ostagar, players revisit the scene of the slaughter, exacting revenge, uncovering secrets and seeking out the arms and armour of the fallen king. I'd expect the armour might need a little hammering out, considering the good king was crushed like an empty Sprite can.

"We are very proud of the phenomenal launch of Dragon Age: Origins and we're pleased to announce the next installment of downloadable content that will be available to fans of the game," said Ray Muzyka, Group General Manager, RPG/MMO Group of EA and Co-Founder, BioWare. "The Return to Ostagar DLC pack is a prime example of BioWare's commitment to give fans a game that continuously offers new experiences and further enriches a storyline that has already received critical acclaim and positive feedback from the players."

Return to Ostagar will be released for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 around Christmas/New Year, with a price tag of 400 Microsoft points, 400 BioWare points or $US4.99 depending.


    Can't wait. This is one game I don't mind paying more for. I finished the game, now I'm on a second playthrough.

    The message at the end of the game says that all DLC happens BEFORE the ending of the game, so... I'm not sure I can be bothered, since I already finished the game. Don't really fancy a second play through since the first one took me like 60+ hours!

      It doesn't mean all DLC must be played before end of game like Mass Effect 1, when you reload the autosave it gives, it drops you back in the camp like your about to go to kill the dragon kinda thing

    you can do it again and make different choices, its awsome. Kill this guy instead, let them rape those people, betray that feller and slay his village and stuff.

    Dragon Age is a great game. I'll probably get this.

    It took me 55 hours from start to finish in Dragon Age: Origins (Normal difficulty), including all the CE and Grey Warden's Keep DLC. As soon as I finished, I restarted it as a different character. All I want is more...

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