Rock Band 3 Will Teach You How To Play Proper Music

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Dhani Harrison ā€” son of former Beatle George Harrison ā€” has revealed that he's not only working on Rock Band 3, but that it's going to take the series in a new direction.

The fact he mentions a third Rock Band should surprise only those who wake up every morning shocked to see the sun has risen. But the specifics, and why he's involved in the project, those are a little more interesting.

"I'm working on 'Rock Band 3' and making the controllers more real so people can actually learn how to play music while playing the game," he told the newspaper. "Give me a couple years, it's going to happen."

I don't know. I enjoy playing Rock Band because I can't play the guitar. If I wanted to learn how to play the guitar I'd, well... learn how to play the guitar.

The ever-changing Thenewno2 [Chicago Tribune]


    Well i guess they need to do something different. Move away from what they created and also move away from Guitar Hero.

    I guess making it so it seems more realistic but at the same time appealing to those who don't know how to play.

    I would imagine a new guitar that, when playing the game like the others, you play it very similar to the others. But it also have features so that you can learn guitar through a different feature in the game and not the campaign itself.

    Sounds promising. Ever since I've started playing these music games, I've been far more interested in the instruments than before.

    With that being said, the reason I don't play any instrument, is because I'm too lazy to learn :P Maybe this next installment will be a good kick in the ass to get things moving.

    If you're going to play these games to learn how to play an instrument, you may as well do the real thing. Then again, I know so many people who have bought a guitar only never to touch it again.

    I've never found guitar hero/rock band fun. I dunno if it has anything to do with me being able to play a real guitar or what. But hey, if this change makes some people lose interest, maybe it'll interest people like me. But to be honest, I don't think that's gonna happen given that if we can already play the real deal, what's the point of getting this to learn. I know I'll still be shrugging it off.

      I guess its a cheap option for those that think they're interested in learning the Guitar, but dont want to shell out for the real thing incase they really dont like it...

      Perhaps this is the Natal support they said might make an appearence?

      The "play a real instrument" elitism shows through again, though your comment Dunnowhathuh is one of the more constructively put ones. Just because someone can stumble through "Smoke On The Water" on guitar doesn't mean they can bang out the guitar tracks for all 300+ songs available on Rock Band. That's where I thought the enjoyment would be. Being able to jump from good approximations of guitar and drums to vocals without moving more than a metre in my lounge room is also something a pure instrumentalist isn't going to get. I'm not fooling anyone - it's hitting plastic instruments to a rhythm, but man it really kicks arse over air guitar and banging on pots and pans and it's the most fun my entire family has had playing the xbox.

      Honestly, this can only improve the experience for me. I'm not great at GH3, yet on my guitar I can play most of the songs flawlessly. I'd enjoy a game with a real guitar - and enjoy competing against my other show-playing mates. I just can't figure out why they're using the son of a guitarist whose reputation has nothing to do with technical proficiency.

        He's the son of a Beatle man, nobody would bat an eyelid if they heard Yngwie Malmsteen was working on Rock Band 3

    Why don't they make it so you CAN plug a real instrument into the game! c'mon people it only the natural progression.

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